Background of Missionary  
Identifying British rule in India with missionary rule is too big a statement but it is true. Historians and left intellectual deceitfully erased an otherwise deceitful carnage perpetrated by an uncivil rule of British Missionary.  

Less is known to the world that, Prior to Bakhtiyar Khilji an Islamic invader destroying and burning Nalanda University, there had been a similar Ghastly event in History. The biggest library of Alexandria containing over 7 lacs ancient documents of ancient Greek were set on fire by the Church. And a shameless John Chrysostom the missionary priest took the despicable honor of same.  

The Goan Inquisition was the first missionary experiment to erase and convert Hindu into Christian fold which happened between 1560 and 1800 for almost 250 years.  It had all the imprints of missionary brutality which were displayed in Africa and Latin America. Burning individuals in fire, cutting limbs, defacing nose and ear, removing breast of women and piercing eye were the order of punishment institutionalized by the Church and Priest.  

Portuguese rule in Goa is given just a passing remark by these historians and never their cruelty and inhumane practice were ever exposed.   Then came the rule of British missionaries and it was drowned deep into fraud, dishonesty, plunder and racial brutality. The worst damage was caused to the social fabric, glorious heritage, cultural and civilization splendor of India. Max Muller, added by few other paid British Clerk turned out to be the architect of this insidious design.   Max Muller went on to create an illusion of many a deceitful theory all manufactured on concocted premises which were carried forward by left historians subsequently.   The idea was to create a rift in the society, cement the schism and nurture a low self-esteemed self-hating Hindu society. Some of the sin which I can list below for my reader here are all conspired under missionary priority.  

The Reality of Max Muller
The generation of tomorrow educated in convent and inspired by materialism of the west cannot even remotely conceive the idea of Vedic Cultural and civilization grandiose.   Instead they identify it with connotation like Arya, Aryan invasion, Dravidian, Animist, Tribal, Aboriginals, Dalit, Hindu Mythology. Worst of all, they would not study their ancient scripture, literature and their pristine language Sanskrit.  

Who introduced these words and senses? Is there a Vedic essence?   None of the words mentioned above is Vedic invention but smuggled and deceitfully planted by Missionaries led by Max Muller.  

Introducing the word Arya  
Max Muller was the first man who introduced a new word Aryan in 1853 to Indian context in our social dictionary which went on to narrate a supportive concept of distinct racial, linguistic and origin identification. According to him, Aryan is an outsider who moved into the Bharat. The intent was to push the word “Outsider and Aryan” to discredit the Pre Vedic ancestry. And just two simple words turn the “Dasavatar the evolution of Lord Vishnu” into Humane form so scientifically depicted in the religious scripture into mythology.   The word mythology which was irrelevant until now into Indian scripture became a cornerstone for all left historians.  

Till date Bharat was a homogeneous land of Vedic origin with numerous collections of scientifically narrated literature, Sanatani historicity and archaeological enabled ancestry. But Since then, the word “Aryan and outsider” had been used so exponentially, that new generation today belief it to be the oldest word of humane evolution.  

Myth of Aryan Invasion Theory   Max Muller was the architect of Aryan Invasion theory without any historical, scientific or genetic proof. He had his set of anthropologists who cultivated this idea only to rationalize the presence of Missionaries. He connoted Vedic people as Aryan with a theory of their Migration from outside. It was a sinister design to create a schism in society.   The Vedic people were termed as foreigners on Indian Soil. The Vedic language Sanskrit which was mother of all the regional languages in Bharat conspired to be called a foreign language.  Much of the problems related to linguistic conflict among various states post- independence were enshrined into discrediting Sanskrit from its Bharat root.  

Sanskrit – Foreign Language.   Following Max Muller’s conspiracy to introduce the word Aryan in 1853 as outsider for India, a narrative was gradually built around Sanskrit as foreign language. The only reason was to discredit and discontinue the practice of Sanskrit learning and thereby making the Sanatani masses impervious to ancient and glorious learning. And it happened over a period of time. Macaulay added by Muller introduced English education and closed down Gurukul and Sanskrit education systematically.   Muller penned a book “Muller: Biography of words and the Home of Aryans” to supplement his idea. And fake left historians post independent under the superintendence of first education minister Maulana Abul Kalam Azad provided it enough accelerating space.   It was in 1994, when Max Muller and Macaulay together became successful finally. This conspiracy continued and Sanskrit education was delegitimized as the original language against the ground of mere parity arising out of 8th Schedule constitutionality. Addl Solicitor General contended in Supreme court, If Sanskrit is to be taught in CSBE board, it could be only if other foreign languages like French, Germany, Arabic and Persian be facilitated. The native language was then branded as foreign language like Arabic and Persian. This plea was aimed to remove Sanskrit education on the pretext of its classification as foreign language.

However a writ petition 299 of 1989 was adjudicated by the SC and a decision was made in favor of Sanskrit. The verdict changed the decision and restored the mandatory teaching of Sanskrit for CBSE in Delhi Board of CBSE on Oct, 4 1994.   Imagine the consequence of this deep rooted conspiracy.  

Inventing the Dravidian – Aryan and Dravidian Divide  
After having introduced the Word Aryan in 1853 the conspiracy to create Schism entered the second phase. And a cunning missionary called Bishop Robert Caldwell, in 1875 opined a division in Vedic Life by calling for division between a Dravidian and Aryan culture.   Among the greatest of Epic ever compiled, The Ramayana by Mahrishi Valmiki charted the movement of Lord Ram across north to south with no suggestion of any social or racial schism. Another epic of excellence Tamil Ramayan by Mahakavi Kamban did not trace any social division. Another renowned historian A L Bhasham, who wrote the book “India the wonder it was” did not agree to any existence of the word Dravidic. All reference to struggle in Rig Ved was marked as struggle between Aryan and others only. But this fraudster Robert Caldwell painted a division by employing tricks of Dravidian works on the basis of linguistics, racial, color and living habits.   The fact that west were missionaries and proselytizers and hence were planting the sapling of schism division and disintegration of Vedic Society.

Another Divide: Tribal, Animists and Aboriginals  
The lie of Max Muller was spinning fast. While Sanatan literature had an integrated section of society like cave dwellers, hill dwellers who resided and grew within the Society. And there was ample sanctimonious proof of Lord Ram integration with Hanuman, the Nisaad King, and the Sabri in our religious scripture. Yet a new identity was created as Tribal, aboriginals and Animist.   The new narrative slowly crept into the census report and was contested till 1921 but under 1931 census finally a separate identity and separate religion of Tribal was smuggled.   The divisive agenda was later used by missionaries to lure this Sanatan society for conversion. The North east and Hills of Jharkhand to Chhattisgarh conversion is manifestation of this bigger conspiracy that started long back by Max Muller. Today the Children of Nishad Raj of Lord Ram Days and Great Birsa Munda are the easiest prey for this nefarious design.   Today these Hill Dwellers and cave dweller segments have lost their identity, Self-respect, ancestral pride, historical icons and most important language gradually.

Formation of Institutions – English education & decimation of Gurukul
Max Muller, in September 1879, said, “There is a religious movement going on in India”. And to counter this movement and expand the European influences, he promoted and nurtured the Brahma Samaj. And gradually it fulfilled the overall objective by introducing the English curriculum devoid of cultural and civilizational ethos at the cost of total decimation of Indian education system of Gurukul.   Continuing his missionary zeal, he went on to promote fort William College in Calcutta in 1800 AD and thereafter successive universities were built with an unstated objective to delegitimize the Vedic, Sanatan literature and concept of life. The total absence of Vedic religion and Sanskrit learning created a generation of self-hating low self-esteemed Indians.  

The design of Max Muller and Macaulay was so insidious that they declared in the book (The Shaping of Hindustan page 411) that  “It is my firm belief if our plan of education are followed up, there will not be a single idolater among the respectable class in Bengal 30 years hence”          

The advent of the most divisive word – Caste.  
True it is! Yes Caste or Jati is nowhere mentioned in Vedic literature. Entire social structure of Vedic concept was based upon the Varna system, which had the profession and skill as the underlined criterion. It was a mutable system driven by merit, skill and knowledge without any entitlement on account of birth.   Varna system and its meaning were diluted, discredited and discontinued. Caste which has its origin from Portuguese word “Casta” found its way to the government directive. The British rulers documented caste and tribe with all possible nefarious insinuation in all its record, notification and gazetteers since 1881.   The 1911 census under commissioner Herbert Risley was nadir of this sinister conspiracy. Where “social precedence as Caste was smuggled into record”. Reams of paper supported by divisive public oration for decades made today caste as an integral word for Indian Sanatan Society.   Caste has replaced Varna today. The generation today are rigid to follow the poison of caste. The hate has made the caste a birth entitlement within the legal prism of constitutional rights. It is a fraud committed on the concept of Vedic neutrality.  

Assault of Sanatan and Vedic Belief System.
Max Muller in association with Macaulay, the two wretched missionaries were on a mission to erode the Vedic Belief and established evangelical belief.  The Vedic belief was rooted with scientific interpretation of every ritual that Sanatan followed and hence Max Muller decided to make a translation of Veda with smuggled ideas and corrupted connotation.   Max Muller, who himself never studied or seen Panaini Astyaadhyai claimed to have translated Vedas Learning. Corrupt and illegal words were smuggled, falsification and illusion meaning were invented and the essence of Vedic purity was brutalized. He had no idea about the sacramental duties of religion and sanctimonious splendor of Vedic life. He could only create confusion and chaos.   The worship of Lord Shiva, Vishnu and the other popular deities had esoteric philosophy and deep belief behind. Max Muller made fun of great civilization in his every public discourse. He declared that Hinduism is a dead and dying religion, while Christianity is living and vibrant. Inspired by Interpretation as explained in the Bible about the beginning of the Humane race, Max Muller could never reconcile with the idea of humane conscience and intellectual expression as mentioned in pristine Ved, which is much older than the Bible. And hence he fixed the origin of Rig Ved date as only 1200 BC without any scientific or literary verification. Despite vociferous criticism, the west yet not treats Ved as the oldest humane scripture on planet earth. The sense of racial superiority of Muller was an expression of conceited complexity and abject stupidity.  

Distorting Vedic Literature and Values – Beef Eating  
Max Muller never had studied Panini’s grammar and Yaska’s Nirukta, yet he claimed to have made authentic translations of Ved. The moral and intellectual slavery of Post-Independence historian never questioned this rather authenticated his translation.   Among many colossal mistakes, which reveals his shallowness of learning and which were ignored by Indian fake historians are laughable. 

Yagya is sacrifice and hence he translated Ashwamedha yagya as horse sacrifice.   A word of Rig Veda “Goghn” had witnessed the worst of conceit and conspiracy. H. H. Swami Prakashanand Saraswati in “The true History and Religion of India “explains that “Goghn” word  refers to “for the guest who receives cow as gift.“ In support of his interpretation, he quoted Panini Astaaydhaya- interpretation of Word and language.  But Max Muller conspired and hired an unknown Indian Tarachand on promise of Rs 10,000/- to overrule the interpretation put forth by Panani and smuggled new meaning for “Goghn” as one who eats the Cow meat.   The treachery of missionaries went on to embolden the fake interpretation. Later on one Rajendra Lal Mitra from Kolkata published an article under the title of “Beef in Ancient India” for the Asiatic Society of Bengal in 1872. And these works found their way into the library and books of university post-independence in India.   Muller was aware of the sacerdotal and priestly importance of Cow in Sanatan life and hence his insidious brain was operating below Nadir.     

Riddles today!  
Despite such a motivated and brazen display of insult and humiliation, Hindu society is still clueless and unaware. Instead they applauded Max Muller’s effort, iconized him in a text book, built a public library and learning center after his name and allotted the name to public Streets and roads.   Freedom of nation has been achieved but civilization slavery is still continuing.    

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