All of us know how many Kashmiri and Non-Kashmiri political parties so vociferously oppose the Article 370 abrogating stoking Kashmiri Sentiments. But, it is also important to know that the reason behind the objection is not just political but also economic.

Lets understand how?

  1. After any law is made by Parliament the law gets applied all over India whether UP, Kerala or Sikkim. Due to 370, the law got applied to J&K only after approval of the J&K assembly by at least 50% votes.
  2. Due to the above most (read all) anti corruption laws made by Govt like Prevention of Corruption Act, Black Money Act, Prevention of Money Laundering act, Enforcement Directorate is not applicable on J&K. Due to this the dacoity in J&K was much higher than rest of India. Lack of such laws gave ample opportunity for politicians and Govt employees loot and go scot free.
  3. The Benami act was applicable all over India which makes keeping a Benami property difficult. But since this was not applicable in J&K, all the money looted from Roshni scam were converted to Benami properties.
  4. In 42nd Constitutional Amendment(1976) Indiraji increased the term of Parliament and state legislatures from 5 to 6 years which was brought back to 5 years in 44th Amendment (1978). But the J&K Assembly approved the 42nd Amendment but not the 44th Amendment, due to which state elections were held in J&K every 6 years. This made the Govt stay in power longer and thereby got more time to loot.
  5. The 73rd and 74th Constitutional Amendments made Panchayats and Municipalities a Constitutional provision which resulted to Panchayats and Municipalities all through out India. Again due to Article 370, this was not applicable in J&K. What happened? All the money Central Govt granted through Central schemes to local bodies were given to state Govt. Without any laws to keep Corruption in check, they siphoned off the whole amount. Due to this, the public infrastructure in J&K is extremely pathetic in comparison to all other states in India.
  6. Using Article 370, Farooq and Mehbooba did not allow delimitation (demarcation of Assembly constituencies) in J&K in 2001. Due to this the Kashmir valley got higher representation in J&K assembly. And Jammu region had less number of seats in the Assembly. It is said that some constituencies in Kashmir had even a population of 15000-20000 people. This Cemented the hold of Muftis and Abduallahs in Power. Modiji has increased the seats for Jammu and is doing a fresh delimitation.
  7. Article 35A prohibited people from outside states settling down in J&K i.e. they could not purchase land, could not do Govt jobs, Could not even get Govt subsidies. Due to this, business did not develop in Kashmir and remained in the hands of the same businessmen who created monopolies and looted. That’s why it is seen that goods of many old brands are still seen in J&K.

Summarizing, Article 370 and Article 35A helped corrupt officials, politicians and businessmen loot money by preventing all the anti corruption laws to be applied in J&K. This the real reason behind the objection to abrogation of 370.

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