Let’s talk about, Bollywood.  I know, you’re probably thinking, why the torture with one more piece on Bollywood when a delicious thaali full of food is posted?  Bear with me. 

Jaya Bachchan, “Jis thaali me khaate hain usi me chched karte hain.”  The question is why a washed-up actress, turned politician is so worked up when Ravi Kishan brought up a genuine and factual concern about drug use??  When I say “washed-up”, I truly mean it in what Bollywood only accepts as a marketable lady–young (under 32), (hopefully) not married, and who has no problems spouting propaganda.  And Jaya Bachchan’s days are long long gone…decades ago even.   Yes, we have enjoyed performances in Bawarchi and Uphaar but really not enjoying her current performance right now. 

The recent rhetoric seriously displays lack of introspection, total lack of maturity and lack of mental growth.  Age does not equate any of the three qualities I have brought up above.  I am sure you, the reader, can attest to this to a few people in your own lives, am I right or am I right?  Most people assume mental growth comes with age, education, name or even popularity but alas, not in this case.  

It is folly to think that the industry a person is part of is perfect in every sense – lack of introspection.

It is folly to not consider there are possibilities outside of one’s viewpoint or beliefs – lack of maturity.

It is folly to not want to discover the truth, whatever it may result in (joy or sadness) – lack of mental growth.  

It would be one thing if Jaya Bachchan herself lives every moment with all “Bollywood” actors, actresses, producers, movie teams, etc. but she does.  She has no idea who is mixed up with what and why.  Then how come she is taking something so personally and basically saying don’t bite the hand that feeds you?  The haughtiness that came with the filmi thaali statement got a chuckle out of me.  Maybe all the reaction such as JB’s is an emotional one and definitely a drama filled one.  Emotion that resulted from the drive that is self-preservation?  Delusion that everything is fine and dandy in her own world of Bollywood?  Who really knows? 

In all seriousness, let me ask you this: should a spouse that is being abused stay in a marriage just because their partner is a sole earner?  Should a person who is sexually harassed by a boss stay quiet because they have a job?  Should a mother not punish a child when she behaves badly because the child gives her love?  “Majburi thi” (Helplessness).  Let’s say that that could be the most common response.  Mujburi hai, lekin choice bhi to hai (In helplessness, there is a choice—to act or not act). 

Maybe looking at poor Shushant Singh Rajput’s death, perhaps, he acted or was forced to act on a choice.  And may the universe free him from whatever was bound to him.  And if Sushant was present today, perhaps, none of the issues with the industry would have come to light. 

Just because an industry is worth loads of money, that does not mean it is untouchable its practices and problems are unquestionable.  And if one cannot be questioned, then isn’t that a definition of tyranny?  No Bollywood, you are not being accepted as a tyrant under Indian law and under world-wide net citizens’ watch.  You will be examined; you will be questioned; and discussions and debates will take place—with or without anyone’s approval.    

If we do not examine ourselves, how can we possibly expect to grow and mature?  Graying hair does not equate wisdom and neither does ignoring problems in your own house so to speak. 

Discovering the truth is one of the main gifts God has given us, to human beings.  Let us keep an open mind that whatever the truth may be, no matter how ugly or how beautiful; whether it fits in a person or group’s narrative or not, the truth will prevail.

सत्यमेव जयते !!

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