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Indians are celebrating 74th Independence Day worldwide this year. Years pass by, but one thing that doesn’t change for a true national is the “passion” of being an Indian. It lies in every heart that beats at the rhythm of National Anthem, Jan Gan Man. It stays intact in the spirit that takes pride in joining both hands to say ‘Namaste’ (even if it’s to a complete stranger). It lies in the culture, outspread from North to South and East to the West of the country and abroad that teaches us not to shy away from bowing down to show gratitude. And it lies in unitedly saying ‘Jai Hind’ while saluting and singing the glory of the National Heroes.

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‘As’ or ‘along’ the children, Independence Day in India is that time of the year when people bring out the child inside them to observe the day/the holiday to the deepest, in a disciplined and determined way. (After all, it is literally the day when ‘Bharat’ became free of British Empire as well as the ‘backstabbers’).

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On this day, each one of us painted in the colors of tricolor, celebrate the ceremony (no less than any festival of India) along with family, friends, neighbors, and the entire country. Observing this national day, almost every one of us has grownup singing patriotic songs in schools such as ‘Vande Mataram‘ and ‘Sare Jahan Se Acha‘, and have pledged for the well-being of the country together with fellow students.

We all have had that grand observance of the day at our schools where we as kids in spotless white-uniforms, zestfully made our attendance in the premises only to salute the national flag together, followed by the National Anthem in the chorus, inter-house parade, competitions, and at last sweet distribution (Till day, it’s hypnotic to recall those ideal brown ‘lifafas’ of Kendriya Vidyalayas, full of laddoos and candies that we munched on in the school buses only). No sweet in the world can taste the way even the memory of it serves. Although, with the modernization of education and the emergence of numerous private schools, the standard of these modes of celebration has gone far beyond just ‘laddoos’ and ‘lifafas’.

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Although, (with schools over and no memories of the day from colleges), today with great relish, we live the moment by lowering down our recliners at the convenience of our homes while enjoying the glorifying Parade of 15th August on TV. Whether it is the Prime Minister’s address to the nation after flag hoisting or the patriotic movies that we tune into with widened eyes after it, the day does not complete without the chronological order of all such things. (Again, things were different 20-30 years back when it was all about just Doordarshan, today, we have multiple options to entertainment).

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However, year after year, we have been celebrating the day of our freedom with the same enthusiasm and spirit. It is the day, we truly feel proud of our origin as a country, and it is the time we thank our nationality. Don’t we? 

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This is precisely the day when we all bring out best from one another, for ourselves and society while passing a thread through the diverse chain of words such as discipline and decorum, patriotism and secularism, unity, and integrity (except for some anti-national elements who nevertheless believe in the only chaotic environment)

Meanwhile, this becomes the day when we talk about nothing but the best in the national interest, forgetting weaker areas, complex issues, or loopholes surrounding the nation. Because it is also the day when we look at the brighter side (of being an Indian) and naturally tend to forget all other disorders and discrepancies if any.

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So, nothing has widely changed in the past 70+ yrs basically, except the voices that have been reincarnating to sing out loud the resplendence of this country.

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This year, however, if anything is distinct from all other years, it is because, well, the year 2020 itself is a not-so-pleasant period. But we are the nation, who have unitedly won over almost everything, may it be the enemy or the deadly virus (as history has it). And in the past year especially, with the landmarks that we have been able to achieve, and accomplishments that we marked there is no reason why we should not celebrate with open arms and in the free air. (Never mind if it is presently restricted due to the epidemic Coronavirus)

“Vijayi Vishwa Tiranga Pyara, Jhanda Ooncha Rahe Humara!”

Jai Hind!

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