A maulvi from Sambhal, Uttar Pradesh, was detained after being accused of raping a 6-year-old boy. The 6-year-old had visited a nearby mosque to study with the maulvi the holy writings of Islam. The alleged cleric was taken into custody by the police after the victim’s relatives filed a report. The alleged clergyman was arrested by police after a case was filed against him.

According to reports, the Sadar Kotwali region of Sambhal is where the incident occurred. The 6-year-old kid was reportedly often dispatched to the mosque to study Islamic texts. The Maulvi named Owais attacked and sexually molested the child on Tuesday, July 26, 2022. The girl had returned home and told her family about the assault, but it was said that the family had been hesitant and had asked the minor to keep quiet.

After speaking with one another, the victim’s family members went to the Sadar Kotwali police station on July 27, 2022, and filed a complaint against the accused. The suspected cleric has been detained by police. CO Jitendra Kumar stated, “The Kotwali police station in Sambhal received a complaint from a woman. Apparently, Owais raped the girl, according to the woman. We sent the victim girl for a medical exam after filing an FIR and bringing the situation to our attention. It will be recorded when she speaks. As soon as possible, I organized a squad, and the squad took Owais into custody. The next phase of the legal process in this matter will be undertaken.”

The Indian Penal Code’s sections 376AB and 506 are alleged to have been broken by the accused preacher Uwais. Additionally, the suspects have been charged under Section 5M/6 of the POCSO Act, which prohibits sexual offenses against children.


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