Before opposing New land laws in J&K please introspect and understand these points:

  1. In J&K we have Govt as major and only employer because there is no organised private sector here. If I put it specifically major share of Govt employment goes to kashmir. So private sector is for Jammuites that’s why majority of youth from Jammu are outside Jammu and result is that many colonies in Jammu have turned Old age colonies with parents here and children outside.
  2. There are no good residential schools, colleges and universities in J&K due to old land laws . Now big players will come and invest. Mind it they will prefer Jammu . More investment, more infrastructure creation and jobs in Jammu.
  3. Tourism potential in Jammu region is untapped. With more investments these tourist spots would develop leading to economic boost in Jammu and more job creation.
  4. There are no good hospitals in Jammu. For every small ailments people have to move to Punjab . But now good hospitals will be established leafing to creation good healthcare infrastructure.
  5. Mess of encroachment in Jammu has been created by misuse of Revenue powers by successive Revenue ministers. This power has been curtailed in new land laws.
  6. Successive state Govts denied land to Army and other forces for establishment of their units and Defence colonies but it can be done easily.
  7. In J&K there is only 11% non agricultural land which is open to outsiders. Agricultural land use can be changed with the permission of Govt but that is also subject to scrutiny.
  8. Maharaja Hari Singh whose name is used by these elements for emotional incitement in Jammu was quite visionary that’s why he had kept provision of granting land ownership rights to professionals brought to J&K from outside.

Think rationally not emotionally. If according to these amendments new land laws are going to impact Jammu not Kashmir then why they are crying . Understand their hidden agendas . They in no way are concerned about Jammu but more concerned about demographic Majority character of J&K.

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