Yogi’s decision to change the name of Mughal Museum to Chtrapati Shivaji Museum is one of the most positive move to show tribute to one of the greatest leaders of India.

His decision to adopt a new broad minded thinking and leave an ideology of slavery is a positive sign which shows that now after 73 years of independence we are finally marching towards the true History of ancient of India. Positively speaking it was only Akbar among the whole Mughal dynasty who did a few great deeds in his life. Whereas two of his ancestors and a long list of successors, not even a single one was involved in doing any great deed towards India. On seeing the Mughal History, only a long list of buildings are available which were constructed by some Indian ruler and later demolished and reconstructed by any Mughal ruler gaining the title of that ruler with the word “Great” added on it. Moreover most of the Mughal rulers were mostly involved in destroying the India’s culture and converting Hindus to Muslims. All these are not the work of greatness.

On the other hand there is along list of indigenous rulers starting from Raja Ram contuning to Porus, Chandragupta Maurya, Ashok, Prithiviraj, Maharana Pratap, Shivaji, Rani Lakshmi Bai contuning upto great Prime Minster Modiji including many others.The true and glorifying history of India is actually the of blood and sweat of these heroes.

Image featuring Shivaji Maharaj, the great.

Ironically our History text books only tell us of Akbar, The Great, The Great Mughal Empire, we have full detailed chapters to read on these topics whereas the actual heroes are given a room of a single line or hardly a paragraph. Actually the word great should be added before the names those Indian rulers who gave the message of sacrifice towards the Motherland.

Secularism does not means adding the word ‘Great’ before the one who even don’t know the meaning of greatness. Secularism does not means to kill the names of those who sacrificed for their Motherland. Modiji’s decision of revising Education Policy ,we expect that now after so many years of India’s independence now at least we will be able to read the true Indian History and Yogi ‘s decision to change the name of the Museum is actually a paltry esteem that we could only give to the great Indian leader Shivaji. We should respect his decision.

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