4 Amazing Mysterious Temples in India!

India may be a beautiful land. So are the temple which are present here. In India, you’ll see almost every sort of temple. differing types of temples with different styles. (If you want to know more about Indian Temples, visit here!!)

There are abandoned temples also as most crowded temples. There are big also as small temples.

These temples are the important heritage of this country. In whichever state you visit, there could be a temple telling that state’s folklore and heritage or singing it’s glories.

Whether be it Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh , Kashi Vishwanath in UP or the famous Jagannath Temple in Orissa.

But does one know that India is additionally filled with mysterious and strange temples? Such temples whose secrets are yet not alright known.

In today’s blog post, i will be able to tell you about 9 most mysterious temples of India. i will be able to tell you some strange and amazing facts about these temples.


Jagannath temple is one among the foremost famous temples of India and I’m sure you’d have surely heard about it.

It is a Vaishnav temple dedicated to Lord Jagannath, an area sort of Lord Vishnu. This temple may be a very marvelous one and it’s mentioned in many scriptures.

But there also are some shocking and mind-blowing facts about this temple which still many of us don’t know.

Here below, I even have some facts about this temple.

1) We all know that a sail or a flag will always flow within the direction of wind only. it’s a traditional science. But during this temple, the flag flows within the other way of the wind!!! Even scientists don’t realize the key behind this mystery.

2) There’s a wierd fact about this temple regarding its Prasad. it’s said that regardless of what percentage pilgrims or visitors are coming, the food here never becomes less. The food never remains less to feed the pilgrims.

3) there’s a Sudarshana Chakra which is placed atop the top of the temple. Now there are 2 facts about it. First, from whichever angle you see the Chakra, it remains an equivalent . It remains an equivalent from every angle, Front, Side, Back etc.

4) Second is that this Chakra is formed from heavy metal. It weighs up to a tonne. And that’s also an estimate. therefore the question is that in such an ancient era, how were the people ready to place this heavy Chakra at such a height??

5) The Idol of Jagannath features a mysterious blue-colored object thereunder . nobody knows exactly what that object is. Some say that it’s a relic of Buddha . While there are stories that it’s the guts of Krishna which has became a blue diamond.

6) the town of Puri still hosts a king which is named as Gajapati Maharaj. it’s said that the king is that the first servant of Lord Jagannath. he’s involved in many rituals related to the Rath Yatra’s festival.


Being one among the 51 Shaktipeethas, this beautiful temple is found in Guwahati, Assam. When Lord Vishnu cut the corpse of Sati together with his Chakra, the body divided in 51 parts, and that they all fell on earth. it’s believed that the womb and vagina of the Mother Goddess, fell here.

This temple is understood as Kamakhya Devi Mandir and is one among the oldest Shaktipeethas. Some amazing facts about this temple are here:

1) consistent with the scriptures, every Shaktipeetha features a Bhairava who is that the Guardian of that temple and guards it. The Bhairava of this Shaktipeeth is claimed to be Kamakhya Bhairava.

2) This temple has no idol or Vigraha placed here. Instead, the womb which fell here is worshiped as a logo of the Goddess.

3) During the Half-year, the colour of the river Brahmaputra which flows here turns in to the red color. it’s said that the Devi menstruates when the colour turns to red.

4) This temple signifies the lady and therefore the feminist power. The Devi is that the symbol of a Woman’s dignity. This temple is taken into account to be a logo of the power of a lady to offer birth to a replacement life.

5) Unlike the entire world, here during this temple, Menstruation is taken into account as divine and it’s celebrated. it’s seen as a capability of a lady to offer birth to a replacement life.

6) The present-day temple was built by the King NaraNarayana who was from the Cooch-behar dynasty. Further, it had been modified by the Ahoms and Assami Tribes.


Normally, you’d see only Good people being worshiped during a temple. But who says only good people are worshiped during a temple?

In this temple, Bad and evil people are worshiped!!! Yes you read it right! This temple is devoted to Duryodhana, the most important Villain of Mahabharata.

The temple is found within the Malanada town of Karnataka. Here are some facts about it.

1) consistent with the epic, when Duryodhana was chasing Pandavas, in search of them he came to the present place. When he came to the present place, he was very hungry and tired.

2) Then one man from the Kurava tribe, which lives here, gave him shelter, food and water. suffering from that man’s kindness, Duryodhana promised him that he would come to satisfy him after the war.

3) But within the war, he was killed by the Pandavas. Then also, to stay his promise; he came to satisfy that man in his dream. the person was so impressed by him that he thought Duryodhana to be a God.

4) Then He instantly made a temple for him. From then, Duryodhana is being worshiped during this temple.


The Padmanabhaswamy temple is that the richest temple within the world. it’s one among the foremost beautiful and marvelous temples within the world.

This temple may be a Vaishnava temple and dedicated to Lord Vishnu. it’s located within the capital city of Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala.

The city’s name itself means the Abode of Vishnu’s serpent Anant Sheshnaga. Also, it’s one among the divine 108 temples of Lord Vishnu which are called as Divya Deshams.

Here are some amazing facts about this temple:

1) This temple is that the richest one within the whole world. It’s whole asset value including the temple, the idols, the treasure is together worth quite 1 Trillion US Dollars!!!!

2) This amount of wealth is quite the combined wealth of the Mughals, Nizams, Britishers!! However, this is often just an estimate, the important value might be quite this.

3) Here Lord Vishnu resides during a sleeping posture on his bed, the Divine Sheshnaga. along side him, idols of Lakshmi, Garuda, Parvati and Shivlinga also are there.

4) There are 6 chambers during this temple, named as Vault A, B, C, D, E and F. The Chambers C-F are opened. But the Vault A and B are the most important but still kept closed.

5) it’s believed that both of the chambers are cursed. Also, it’s said that these chambers are home to several divine spirits like Devtas, Rishis, Yakshas etc.


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