Tanishq Jewellery Love Jihad Advertisement

As we all know what happened some days ago due to an Advertisement published from Tanishq Jewellery which is a part of a very well know company group “Tata Companies”.

Tanishq Jewellery Removed Love Jihad Advertisement

After raising voice by a unity, Tanishq removed this advertisement, but still, the issue is “Mansoor Khan” or we can say Jihadi Mansoor Khan placed on the post of Brand Manager at Tanshiq jewelry. Until this Jihadi is here, they do this again and again by offering such discounts for #Muslims during sales and not offering the same for Hindus.

Jihadi Mansoor Khan | Brand Manager |Tanishq Jewellery

Tata Group have to strictly take actions

My request is to Tata Group, kindly take a look at what Tanishq Jewellery is as today, because of such Jihadi Mansoor Khan, and obviously, he is placed here by a Jihadis as they had planned to ruined the brands so that their loved ones can make their own Brand in the market.

Humble request to everyone

and my humble request is to everyone please raise your voice strongly by warning Tanishq jewellery not to give a single rupees sale from us, if they don’t take actions against this Jihadi Mansoor Khan and the others involved in the same.

Love Jihad part- 2 | After This Advertisement

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