Many have criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi of wasting his breath on corrupt Twitter. Meaning, wishing useless people useless wishes such as birthday and get-well-soon type messages. Often the recipient of these messages are unworthy scoundrels, such as desh-drohi Shabana Azmi and today’s recipient and former bar dancer – Antonio Maino.


Narendra Modi@narendramodi·20hBirthday greetings to Smt. Sonia Gandhi Ji. May God bless her with a long and healthy life.

1) Is NaMo being genuine about “God,” “long” and “healthy” life for the maha-loser Antonia? Or is this his passive aggressive way of showing that he is at a higher position than her when it comes to cut throat politics?

Many on Twitter are angry at NaMo and have stated how the corrupt, good for nothing Indian National Congress and fake Gandhis have looted India and murdered Hindus in cold blood for decades. Why in the world would NaMo wish this cockroach aunty birthday wishes?

2) Has NaMo given in to slave mentality and being liked trumps any genuine sense of integrity? Many Hindus are known to fall prey to the razzle-dazzle of the gori-chamdi. While NaMo is known to hold his own head high when it comes to desi pride, why does he deviate from swabhiman and integrity when it comes to pleasing these Ola-Uber, Commies and anti-India low lives?

3) Is it all politics? The corrupt Twitter world measures and judges India and Hindus by one standard while the rest, blue-ticked favored religions and groups practically get away with misogynies, hate speech, racist rants and undermining of Hindus all day long on their platform. Is NaMo then just putting on a show for the brain-washed bakras on Twitter? Many have ill-conceived notions about Indian politics so maybe NaMo is just playing to that crowd and trying to show camaraderie with Pappu ki Mummy. Once he had praised that psychopath Mamata from Bengal about sending him Bengali Sweets and cotton kurtas and boasted about their political friendship.

You all can figure out why NaMo does what he does. I don’t quite think we need to wish anything – good or bad – to those who absolutely despise us and wish we were dead.

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