Do you know why PVNR’s samadhi is not in Delhi but in his hometown in Andhra Pradesh?

Many Hindu and Hindu organizations in India participated, got sacrificed in the process of building a temple at the birth place of Lord Ram at Ajodhya. People remember names of LK Advani, AB Vajpayee, Uma Bharati, Kalyan Singh and many others.

But no one knows (even minds) the role played by PVNR in the process. In this piece, we will understand the great role played by PVNR in the process.

Rahul Gandhi even made a statement (in 2007) that had someone from his family been a leader during that time, the mosque would not have fallen.

The Babri Masjid was demolished on 6th Dec 1992. There was a lot of pressure on PVNR to impose president’s rule and take over the land where the Babri Masjid stood since Nov 1992. He did not do that.

Many of his cabinet ministers and bureaucrats advised him to send central forces to UP. He did not do that. This resulted to the law and order being managed by UP Police, and UP was being led by a legendary CM Kalyan Singh.

6th Dec 1992.

150,000  kar-sevaks were near the site the Babri Masjid stood.

Kuldip Nayar, the journalist, mentions in his book “Beyond the Lines“, Narasimha Rao was doing puja. Just some time before the Kar-Sevaks started pulling the Babri Masjid, he entered the Puja room and started doing Puja. Madhu Limaye (late socialist leader) later told Kuldip Nayar that once he(Madhu Limaye) whispered to Rao’s ears that the Mosque has fallen, the puja got over during seconds. And PVNR himself had issued strict instructions that he should not be disturbed during the Puja.

Swift punishment came there after: he was convicted of giving bribe for saving his Govt, after his death his body was not allowed in the Congress Bhawan.

Hence, I consider him a forgotten hero in Ram-Temple movement as he had the power to stop the Babri Masjid demolition. But he remained silent by not imposing President’s rule in UP, not deploying the central forces and doing Puja exactly during the period when demolition happened. Had he not been engaged in Puja, he may have succumbed to pressure from fellow Congress men to halt the demolition and as a PM he was competent to do so.

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