The same Naseeruddin who was afraid living in today’s India should now get more afraid from Islamists. The same Naseeruddin Shah who filed mercy petition for Yakub Menon is now being threatened by thousands of Yakub Menon. On Wednesday, actor Naseeruddin Shah came up with a video expressing concerns about the Taliban’s takeover of Taliban and condemning a section of Indian muslims for speaking in support of Taliban. In his 1 minute video, Naseeruddin Shah tried to present a new version of Islam ie.”Indian Islam” which he says is different from Islam that is practised in rest of the world.But his video did not seem to go good into the hands of his fellow muslim brothers. Naseeruddin Shah had to face a major backlash from the Islamists who claim themselves to be “secular”.

Rifat Jawaid who is the founder of “Janta ka Reporter” and worked with BBC for 12 years didn’t shy away from bringing his Islamist mindset while lashing Naseeruddin Shah. Rifat Jawaid said “A non- practising muslim should not talk about reform in Islam”.He further added”There’s nothing called Indian, Pakistani or Talibani Islam. Islam doesn’t change according to the region or its followers”.

Arfa Khanum Sherwani who claims herself to be the flag bearer of Secularism highlighted herself in her true form. She wrote ” It’s not for us to certify who’s an ideal/perfect Muslim.Only Allah knows who’s the most virtuous of us all”.

Saba Naqvi exposed her hypocrisy when she refused to condemn Taliban. She hammered at Naseeruddin Shah on twitter by writing “Why are so many Indian Muslims sitting up and being asked to condemn Taliban? Did they chose, elect or invite Taliban? Why are talented individuals from world of cinema falling into the trap of having to speak on this? It’s a trap and a binary”.

Along with them many so called “seculars” muslims slapped the actor for bringing up this 1min video.He was advised by the Indian muslims not to open his mouth in these topics and should concentrate in his films.

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