An important documents revealed by Tata Group of company to Orissa government on the occasion of Netaji’s 114th birth anniversary says that Netaji Subhash Bose was the president of the workers union in Tata Steel plant, Jamshedpur for 9 long years between 1928 & 1937.

Netaji was third president of the workers’ union which was formed in the year 1920. During Bose’s tenure, Netaji fought for Swadeshi movement in Tata steel too. He convinced the top management to appoint Indians in key managerial positions. In the first letter he wrote to management in 1928, he said- “One of the most important problems before the company is that it lacks senior officials from India. I have no doubt that if you go ahead with your policy of Indianisation of Tata steel, you will be able to ingratiate yourself with your Indian employees, your countrymen as well as with public leaders of all shades of opinion.”

To increase women empowerment Netaji Bose convinced the management of Tata Steel Jamshedpur to implement Maternity Benefits for the employees of Tata steel. He has deep engagement with Tata Steel Employee that On his call, the company also witnessed its first and last strike in 1928.

In the year 1934 Netaji along with top management of Tata Steel signed an historic agreement which also paved the way for a profit-sharing bonus for Tata Steel employees, this was the historic decision by the management for the Employee  .

Rahul Kumar -B.Tech(ME) ; MBA (IIM)

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