Akshar Ali, a 24 years old boy who was formerly a Maulana revealed that in madrasas it is being taught to muslim children not to join Indian Army as they have to kill their muslim brothers.Askar Ali, a native of the Malappuram district, has completed a 12-year Hudawi religious programme at a leading religious academy in the district. However, he left Islam and became a ‘free thinker’, joining a community of Ex-Muslims in Kerala. Akshar Ali had to face attacks from muslim community because he took the decision of leaving Islam. He was brutally attacked by a group of Islamic fundamentalists in the Kollam district of Kerala.

On 6th of May, Akshar Ali during a press conference said “We were taught to hate other communities and not to join the Indian army as we will have to kill our own community members which is against our religious principles. This is what we were taught as we will be forced to kill the terrorists who try to infiltrate Indian soil. Aren’t they Muslims? Our religion teaches us not to kill another Muslim. This is truly a dangerous education. He further added ” They want to spread this idea among other muslims too. This is dangerous. Merely banning an organisation will not stop this catastrophe. Islam itself is fascism.”

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