The current hot topic running all across the nation is the New Education Policy. A framework to deliver and receive education, passed by the Ministry of Human Resource and Development (MHRD) to transform the current education system and its modus operandi. The NEP aims to establish India as a global knowledge and intellectual superpower. In the aanouncement made regarding it, The ministry of human reasurce and development has been renamed as The Education Ministry or ‘Shiksha Mantraalay’. This new policy was approved in a cabinet presided and lead by the Prime Minister.

 It has been thirty four years since last the education policy of the nation was transformed. The ministry assured around thousand universities, over thirty five thousand degree colleges, 1.5 million schools, 10.9 million teachers and over 330 million students, nationwide.

Major changes brought in by the government are following. After the policy shall be implemented, the government schools will be offering pre-primary school education too, which include classes like playschool, nursery, kindergarten (KG), Upper kindergarten (UKG) and Prep. Until now, this pre primary education was offered by just private schools and institutions.   The government has now introduced a (5+3+3+4) formula to be followed. It will replace the (10+2) which was operating all across the nation in schools till now.

Kids belonging to the age group of 3-8 years will be taught from nursery to class 2nd. It would be the foundational school for them. Children falling in the age group of 8-11 years will be taught under preparatory school, that is, from class 3rd to 5th. 11-14 years of the age group will be taught in classes 6th to 8th. And 14-18 years of age group will taught in the final stage that is secondary school from 9th to 12th. It is said that to establish and rise up a better generation of citizens of a nation, its education policy must be reformed.

Another major change brought in is the removal of a void and A huge difference which existed in three traditional streams of our high school education, Science, Commerce and Humanities. Earlier, students belonging to one such stream couldn’t study a subject related to the other stream. But this system has now been abolished. However not all subjects shall be made available to everyone. Probable a few pools of various subjects will be made and student will be allowed to pick the subjects of his/her choice from any one pool regardless of the stream but not from the other pool of subjects. Though, a detailed clarification on this system is still awaited.

The government has also made it clear that education up to 5th standard would be given and received in regional, local or mother language too, depends upon the choice opted by the parents or guardians of the child. English then, will be taught just as a subject and will not be a mandatory medium for studying. Institutions and schools won’t be imposing English over children anymore.  Children from 6th standard will also be given chance to learn basic computer coding and application programming, also numerous paid or unpaid internships shall be made available to students for their skill development.

However, any major changes regarding the syllabus and curriculum have not been announced yet. This too is a criteria needing immediate attention of the goverment to undertake some serious changes in the courses books, which are being taught in our schools. Carrying the fully fabricated history and twisted or crumpled facts, these books are written by the communist and leftist intelligentsia of our nation which ultimately wishes to create subverting citizens in the future as for them traditional Indian values and morals along with our own great civilisational history must not be taught to children. They despise the idea of children taking pride in their root identity, instead wants to mould them in such a way to create full time, incompetent and for granted human robots for the western world.  And because of that, it is not surprising that invaders are being glorified exponentially in our books meanwhile there is very little or no mention of the profound history of Bharartvarsha and ancient civilisations like Mauryan or Maratha empires.

The NEP will overrule the major changes brought in by the UPA government during their rule in the other half of first decade of the century. Indian students before that were comfortable with large and wide syllabus, were capable to undergo elongated study schedule and studied to learn, gain and practice knowledge rather than to just pass a year and move towards another.  Congress leader Kapil Sibal had his evil intentions behind this. According to a conspiracy theory, some of the UPA ministers were paid hefty amounts by other international bodies to weaken the base and their caliber of our children because Indian students were emerging as tough competition for the western world in international world.

This move of government, like always attracted criticism from our opposition rather than appreciation, which is tend to malign every movie of the nation’s elected representatives just for the sake of it. JNU Students’ union’s president Aishe Ghosh claimed the reform of government as an attempt to dilute child labor laws. She said this in regard to the introduction of internships programme for middle school children for their skill development. 

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