Documented history of nearly 1500 years of Humanity on the earth has stories of untold heroism by barbaric bigots. And it has affected every part of geography. Violent war and gory killings were the state tools.

It was post Second World War that the world leader felt the urgency to restore some mechanism which eyed value for humane life. Institutions were built and collaborative documents were drafted and the world almost agreed to live together with some formal commitment for peace and humane value.

It is Modern world where a constitutional framework based on legality, morality and ethics were thought about. Yet in less than 7 decades, we are back to the medieval mindset.

Today Social discourse are controlled and influenced by fanatics. There are some countries today on planet earth, where life and liberty is not guaranteed by these non-state actors. They have taken over the entire system. State is too weak to challenge and defeat them.  Even a cursory look can help one to imagine the impending horror. It begins and appears to be endless. 

Every year – Boko Haram an insurgent group in Africa kidnaps scores of underage Girl, rape, impregnate and enslave them in Nigeria. There is no state apparatus which can bring them into control.

Constant War in Somalia, Chad, Libya and Sudan has crossed all limits. These non-state actors are so deeply rooted into Social order that violent attack and killing has almost infected every country of North and Middle Africa.

Lebanon, once a beautiful progressive country is now on the verge of collapse. Banks are closed, Governance is dysfunctional. The group affiliated with insurgents like Hezbollah have field day.

Palestine and Israel have similar dotted conflicts. Countless loss of life to either side. And yet groups like Hamas control the narrative.

Yemen is said to be a nursery of the oldest civilization traced in the Middle-east. It is the worst on the human index. Their belligerence against Saudi Arabia is inconceivable. Life of the majority of Yemen is surviving on doles and donations from the west.

Syria housed a traditionally happy society, until it entered into a civil war. Most horrendous crimes and huge columns of refugees staying in hot deserts are now left over identity. Nothing left to recall except for the killing of Kids and women.

For Iran and Iraq, the less said the better it appears. Together they found a decade long war followed by another decade long destruction. ISIS and their heinous crime against humanity is the saddest chapter of humane history. Today Iran is struggling for water and Iraq is struggling for electric Power. The system has broken and Skelton is getting dragged to the brink of failure.

Bangladesh along with Turkey and Egypt promised to the world a much better life for its citizens. Yet the fanaticism in a section of Society added with absence of state vision is putting a big question. Can it deliver the promise it has made?

Burma has seen one of the most horrible conflicts between state and Rohingya inhabitants. The escape of Rohingya to Bangladesh and continued conflict along the border has almost destabilized the area.

China, where communist had usurped the state, has converted the entire state into a regimented zone. It has been shamelessly abhorrent in crushing the Uighurs in its north China province. It is running nothing less than a consternation camp.     

Pakistan and Bangladesh, the two branches of the Indian subcontinent had initially promised a civil Government and welfare state. But Pakistan collapsed too soon. Today highly populated Pakistan is surviving on International debt and doles. It is too occupied with sectarian violence and in exporting terrorism worldwide. It is sliding irreversibly now.

Afghanistan, a country that was cursed in 1970 by the communist, has never recovered. Today’s Afghanistan is no better than the medieval Timor and Nadir. Horror is such that nothing good can be seen or written. A country of 3.5 cr is on a suicidal path.

Where are we going? When even one Soul can walk amidst this chaos to invoke Sanity? No idea of development or vision for progress is left? Sense of civility and humanity in Public life does not exist anymore. Every Institution is crumbling and the World is watching helplessly.

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