On social media, Some people are posting pellet injuries fake pics from Kashmir since yesterday. If you look at the profiles of these people, all these people have been openly supporting Islamic terrorism and do justify killings in the name of islam all across the globe.

Yesterday when jehadi lobby tried to run a campaign on kashmir by sharing fake pics of pellets injuries, they got sharp reactions from common twitter users.

Most common reaction was ” When You Play Stupid Games, You Win Stupid Prizes”

Stone pelting is not a birth right : Some defence experts have also said Pellet guns have a range. Stay out of the range. Stay safe. Stone pelting is not a birth right. Nor is it an acceptable democratic form of protest. If one breaks the law, one should be ready to face the full force of law enforcement agencies.

Kashmir history shows that these groups who come out on roads defying bans and start stone pelting, they do it to provide cover and safe passage for Islamic terrorist wanted by law agencies in India. Many a times they start with stones and end with grenade bombs.

Most anti terrorism experts and security specialist justify use of pellet guns against these terrorist supporters.

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