A few days ago in a Muslim majority village, Nurpur, Aligarh, 2 Dalit Hindu girls’ Barat were stopped by the Muslim community after it was passing through a Mosque. Some Dalits were brutally beaten and were told that Barat would have to go on foot. Since then, Hindu exodus has begun in the village.

AIMIM Youth Brigade ‘leader’ Syed Nazim Ali on camera said that they wouldn’t ‘allow’ any Hindu possession in the village.

Today, a video of the incident has surfaced

If this live video proof were about a Muslim victim, hellfire would have stormed in the country, from Bureaucrats, politicians to Librandus, OIC, so called humanitarian organizations to Muslims crying about intolerance and fascism.

Here are 5 reasons, why do they always end up winning:

  1. They always come in groups like cowards. They don’t have the courage to come alone. Hindus whereas, would leave their fellow Hindu to fight the war alone.

  2. Due to the crowd and the unity they possess, they are able to run narratives the way they want. They can play victim even when, they are the actual aggressors.

  3. You whereas, have failed to teach Dharma to your children and to take pride in their identities. They are unable to stand-up to their fellow liberal friends and remain apologetic about their identity throughout their lives. Resulting into not being able to stand-up against Adharmis.

  4. They rarely scream on social media that they will do this and that. They rather play secular on SM platforms and run their agendas behind their keyboards. However, they are completely opposite on the ground, radical and united likes beasts and wolves.

  5. They become a single united force world-wide. Whether their fellow Muslim ‘brother’ is in Pakistan, Palestine, Bangladesh, Syria, Iraq, Egypt or in France. They are willing to set their differences aside for their ’cause’

This is time for fellow Hindus to introspect and work on creating narratives instead of wasting their aggression on social media, they should rather play mild on the platforms and showcase the victimhood of Hindus.

The world must know the real victims.

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