Modern world is very competitive and everyone is fighting their own battles whether you choose it or not, you are a part of the race. Authority and influence are things human beings are naturally attracted to.

In a play ‘The Death of a Salesman’ written by Arthur Miller, there is a scene where Linda Loman, wife of the protagonist Willy Loman who is an unsuccessful Salesman daydreaming of living a better life-“The American Dream” but unwilling to make any efforts to turn it into reality; Linda argues with Ben who is Willy’s younger brother but much more successful, Ben mocks him of just dreaming and not being realistic. So he offers Willy to come and work with him. This is where Linda interrupts by saying, “Why must everybody conquer the world?” According to her, Willy at the age of 63 is doing just fine which is enough for him, and she does not want him to do any better in order to overcome the dreadful condition of the family. Being practical is a thing but being practical while ignoring the reality is what we should overcome. The play beautifully conveys the message of following your heart desires and the need of fighting for your dreams.

Acceptance of what you are and whatever you have in life is good but knocking down the opportunities coming in your way and being lazy enough to not try and improve the situation within time is the reason of unhappiness and dissatisfaction. It is rightly said, “Screw on your fist and you can fight for your fortune.”

Conquering the world could be understood by different people in different ways. For some conquering the world might be clearing an exam and getting into their dream college or job. Or for some it might be to start a venture and working their asses off then finally becoming a tycoon. Whereas, for some it might just be a small source of happiness and would mean a world to them.

So if we see, it’s all about perception. If we have the perception of a ‘Quitter’- a person who gives up very easily then we would never be able to change the circumstances and would try to find comfort in whatever we have. In this way we’ll never get out of the jungle even when we know that it’s not worth living there. We should remember that ‘within every obstacle is an opportunity to improve our situation’.

But if we have the mentality of an ‘Overcomer’- a person who fights tooth and nail to leave behind all the obstacles and make efforts for a change. In this way, we’ll always end up finding something good if not for what we were looking. But let’s also keep in mind that not everything needs changing. Some things need protecting. And that can be as important, challenging and rewarding as changing and conquering the world.

 So to conclude, one must strive to follow what one’s heart truly desires along with being practical and realistic. Life is continuously being hungry. The meaning of life is not simply to exist, to survive, but to move ahead, to go up, to achieve, to CONQUER.

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