A recent incident reported by a local Gwalior based Hindi newspaper, Swadesh has proved how Hindus converted to Christianity by fraud or allurement are brainwashed to the extent that they become hostile towards Hindus and their very own families.

Saroja Devi an elderly Hindu woman and resident of Gwalior died recently, but the holy cremation rites generally performed by sons for the liberation of the Atma and Sadgati as a pious obligation was refused by Saroja Devi’s son.

Saroja Devi’s son, Dharmendra Pratap Singh had converted to Christianity and even changed his name to David. On becoming David, he nursed so much hatred for Hinduism and Hindu traditions, that it traversed to becoming cold towards his own mother who brought him up with a lot of love, affection and sacrifice.

David refused to cremate his mother Saroja Devi by firing her cremation pyre as is the custom. He steadfastedly refused to perform his pious obligations even when he was cajoled by society elders.

Saroja Devi’s grand-daughter, daughter’s daughter, Shweta Suman a resident of Jharkhand, learnt about her father’s refusal to perform the cremation. she travelled all the way to Jharkhand even during a strict lockdown with great difficulty as she wanted to ensure her grandmother’s cremation is done according to the prescribed rituals for Atma Mukti.

Shweta performed the cremation rituals and performed her duties as a pious Sanatani for Sadgati of her late grandmother. Conversions to Christianity creates dissensions in the family, separates a mother from her son and even on parents’ death the converted person is so cold and blinded by his newly acquired faith that he refuses to perform his pious duties.

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