Average Indian expectation on “Prime Minister” increased 1000 folds since 2014.

Before that, PM is just a post, more than half of Indians neither took that post seriously nor trusted them completely. I hear them say – “They (politicians) simply speak, don’t rely on them, you have to make arrangements for yourself”. Most people of India abandon politics & politicians from their mental space to the extent that – more than 80% of Indians don’t even know or take seriously passing a bill in Lok Sabha (including me), they are simply not interested.

Now things are changed dramatically!! When a crime or Covid death happens, there is no outrage on the local MLA, not on the MP, not even on CM as much as on the Modi as if they have no control or their rights completely controlled by PM. It’s like even a mosquito bites, people want Modi to act or at least tweet.

This is the Legacy he built in the last 7 years of his tenure as PM. He showed the world what he can do. He brought politics and governance close to every Indian. He stood for Indians, he represented them on the world stage. Even the opposition will agree on this. But the same Legacy now killing him and his dreams.

This is how human psychology works. Imagine, you have an uncle who always brings you a dozen red bananas every Sunday. One Sunday, he couldn’t make it or brought only half a dozen. How you will react? Expectations!!!

Over-dependence on PM Modi crossing all the limits. People who support him questioning him for their inability to question their local government whom they voted for and the opposition taking advantage of this and blaming everything on him. Directly or indirectly everyone accepted him to be the saviour but this is not how a democratic county work.

Indians need to understand that PM is neither a superman with supernatural powers nor the constitution give all the powers and controls to act. He is a human being like you and me, have 24 hours a day. Thank God, he doesn’t have family, I would have felt pity for them.

I am not saying, Modi didn’t commit any mistakes and we shouldn’t criticize him. But there is a way to do that. Modi Government is receiving criticism from all sides however not all of it is healthy criticism. Most of it is propaganda against India and planned by anti-national agendas. Don’t let your inability to understand the limitation of the Prime minister and your ability & responsibility to bring positive change to breed such anti-national elements in our beautiful country.

Indian Government doesn’t mean Modi Government. It is Modi + 542 MPs in Lok Sabha + 245 MPs in Rajya Sabha + 2000+ MLAs + YOU. Because Modi stood for you, doesn’t mean you can sleep now. NO!!


He is doing his part, you do yours’… question him and also accountable from your side.

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