Hinduism predates all other religions in the recorded history of mankind. It has survived and thrived for one aspect that is unique to it. It’s because of its evolution not merely as a religion but as a civilization too.

It has survived continuing onslaught of Abrahamic faiths. Aggressive proselytisation continues to make inroads in large part of the country. So much money, material and followers of Christianity are at it 24×7, making bids to get unwashed masses converted to their faith. While,in large part, they have been successful in their attempt, there is still a massive majority that has been valiantly fending off this proselytisation onslaught.

This land has seen hoards of Mughal barbarians descend on it with their rampaging armies. They have killed, maimed, plundered and set fire to homes, cities and temples, on the way to capture the seat of power in Delhi. Their rule is a gory tale of large-scale destruction of temples, forced conversion to Islam, rapes of Hindu women and mindless violence on innocent Hindus. Faced with an existential threat of such proportion, so many kings of small kingdoms have led massive fightback to repel the enemy. History is replete with stories of men and women who have displayed exemplary valour in the battlefield to save the honour of the land. So many have fallen to swords of the enemy. When the Mughals had to flee the heat of unwinnable war, they had left behind a large population of Hindus converted to Islam. Still the glorious Hindu civilization has made for itself a way to make peace with their converted brethren and they have been living together for centuries.

Hindus steeped in the tradition of peaceful co-existence have assimilated so many believers of other faiths to lead a free life in this country. While the followers of other faiths are quite assertive and often violent, Hindus often express themselves in diverse ways, least of all with violence.

We are proud of our Indic civilization. Being proud of oneself is not necessarily being violent.

We continue in glory and philosophy of universal brotherhood. Religious zelotry and violent actions of Abrahamic faith are taking a heavy civilizational toll.

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