It is the india, where everyone wants to play with sentiments of Hinduism. Living in a small village people are unaware of such things, they do watch televisions, news, brands advertising material, etc. It wouldn’t be a problem till sentiments of Hinduism doesn’t get hurt by any other communities. There was a strategy in market 10 to 15 years ago when brands do not mistake to hammer on religious sentiments directly. But hereafter the bollywood directly insured people to enjoy the sentiments of Hinduism converted to silly jokes and the pious girls of hindus forcefully shown into worst state of mind. Now as a result easily many of hindu girls are getting converted into other religions! Do you know what is more scary thing behind it? It is that they think them more freedom freak but as a result we are watching our girl molested, raped and so many horror stories. And do you know why still we are facing the issue? Big brands’ negative advertising trick are ignitingly acting behind this.

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