Andrew Tate had every characteristic of being a Muzlim ! Andrew Tate literally matched every quality a good Muslim should have. What koran asks a Muslim to be like, Andrew Tate already had the qualities embedded in him.

The guy is full of misogyny which is commonly found in muslims. Andrew Tate is of the view that men can have as many partners as they can but women but cling onto just one. Andrew Tate too is in favour of normalising cheating female partners as men have extra physical needs which can be felt more similar to the belief of Islam. The guy, Andrew Tate literally backed his father for cheating his own mother!!

And most recently according to authorities, Andrew Tate, the new massiah of Muslim community and a social media figure well-known for his online expression of misogynistic ideas, has been accused in Romania with rape, human trafficking, and organising a gang to abuse women. According to Romania’s anti-organized crime agency, prosecutors also brought charges against Tate’s brother Tristan and two Romanian women in a court in Bucharest, the country’s capital.

The Directorate for Investigating Organised Crime and Terrorism claimed in a statement that the four defendants established a criminal organisation in 2021 “in order to commit the crime of human trafficking” in Romania as well as the US and UK. The agency claimed that seven female victims were deceived into travelling to Romania, where the group physically assaulted and sexually exploited them.

Andrew Tate’s spokesperson, Mateea Petrescu said “the brothers were prepared to “demonstrate their innocence and vindicate their reputation. The two men are expected to attend a hearing in Bucharest on Wednesday morning. Tate’s legal team are prepared to cooperate fully with the appropriate authorities, presenting all necessary evidence to exonerate the brothers and expose any misinterpretations or false accusations,”.

Few months ago Romanian police arrested former kickboxer, social media influencer and the flag bearer of toxic masculinity Andrew Tate, over rape, human trafficking and other charges. In 2016, while a guest on the British reality show Big Brother, Tate came under scrutiny for his racist comments. A video of him also went viral where he was seen hitting a woman with a belt. This caused him to be removed from the show.




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