Many people think that the RSS is a terrorist organisation. Many think it is anti Hindu because of nurturing Islam.

But all these thoughts are wrong.

The truth of RSS is something entirely different from what people think. The RSS is an organisation which is committed to making Bharat a Hindu Rashtra (nation) and a Vishwaguru or simply, a superpower although the concept of ‘vishwaguru’ is vast compared to the concept of superpower.

On the other hand, a Hindu Rashtra is not one where only Hindus and no one else can reside. The ideology of Hindu Rashtra is a nation in which the people will be governed by the principles of Sanatan Dharm. Those who will spread hate and violence will be punished severely. This punishment is not terrorism, but the destruction of Adharm.

But, right now what is the stand of RSS?

Answer is, the RSS is against Islam, not Muslims. Why? Because the Quran asks the followers of Allah to convert all kaafirs (those who do not believe in Allah). And if the kaafirs refuse to convert, they are to be killed. So quite naturally, this is inhuman and can be termed as terror and Adharm. Sanatan Dharm preaches the concept of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (all are equal and treat all equally). It tells us to accept every culture and preaches brotherhood. But that doesn’tmean that you will stand with Adharm. Then your peril is inevitable. So, RSS follows what is mentioned in Sanatan Dharm andacts accordingly.

But, in many cases we see that RSS doesn’t respond to tortures of Hindus. Well, we don’t see everything. The other organisations in the Sangh Parivar headed by RSS take care of such incidents. When direct action against Adharm is required, the Bajrang Dal steps forward and just like Bajrangbali, finishes off all Adharm in a few moments.

The journey of RSS is a long and elaborate one. It has the job of inspiring the people of the world to follow the right path and protect Sanatan Dharm before and after the formation of Bhagwa Hindustan.

So, to Hindus, I will say that RSS does take action against Adharm and in favour of Hindus or rather Dharm and to seculars, I will say that stop demeaning RSS without having much knowledge.

I would like to end this article with a few lines…

In Hindutva and Sanatan Dharm, there are different occupations: Brahmins: priests, Kshatriyas: soldiers, Vaishyas: traders and businessmen and Shudras: cleaners.
Whereas secularism accepts the existence of different religions and considers them equal. But the truth is there is no religion. There is just Dharm and Adharm.
So, secularism is nothing but a false illusion. Hindutva unites people. Secularism divides them.

— An article by Indian Soldier
Jai Bharatmata ?
Jai Shri Ram ?

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