WWe doubted earlier that this could not be an official brand strategy of the Tatas to promote love jihad disguised in brand promotion. But today, one can see that most of the social media channels, influencers, journalists, and even some national level politicians are endorsing the love jihad advertisement of Tata Tanishq. All this indicates that instead of apologizing and ousting their jihadi official, Tatas may now be running a PR campaign for the endorsement of that love jihad advertisement. 

Think of the cost and time spent to design an advertisement. Then that advertisement being passed through the officials who are approving the release. The timing of the advertisement release is decided at the meeting. Themed around a major Hindu festival, the Advertisement is circulated. Now guess whether the well-educated management officials of the Tatas won’t be aware of the public reaction to this advertisement. Definitely yes. They would undoubtedly be mindful of the public reaction. Then why they have chosen to do so is the question that jihadi officials of the Tatas must answer.

We guess that their jihadi mindset, despite knowing the public reaction, inspired them to get the ad designed, developed, and released. And again, when the setback came at a big level, instead of ousting those officials, Tatas may have empowered them to run the PR campaign endorsing the earlier love jihad advertisement. Is this not the double damage that Tatas or their jihadi officials doing with the emotions of the general public? Hindus hurt from their so-called baby shower jihadi advertisement are now called bigots by thier PR agencies. What kind of attitude Tatas or their jihadi officials is demonstrating by doing this?

The recent reports are showing significant market cap loss of the Tata Tanishq. The public outrage, the double damaging PR now indicates that Tatas, if love jihad is not thier official endorsement, which certainly not be, must investigate this case at a high level. They must find the officials with a jihadi mindset and oust them at the earliest. Other companies should also learn from Tatas. They should also look into their marketing department if having any officials with a jihadi mindset. They should run a thorough investigation and get the jihadists out from thier companies. 

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