This piece will try to explain to the fake, woke liberals why the Ad is offensive. There are three main characters involved in the ad. Let us talk about the Hindu daughter-in-law first. She is shown as submissive, and almost surprised by the gesture of her Muslim mother-in-law who has supposedly organized an anti-Islamic ritual in her backyard for the Hindu daughter-in-law to celebrate her pregnancy with a Hindu ritual. We clearly see that there are two factions standing out in the yard. The left-hand side is where we see women with hijabs on. The right hand side of the yard shows women in saris, who could or could not be Hindu. I don’t remember if they were any other discerning characteristics to show the right hand side was indeed Hindu. Regardless of details it is evident that there was no Hindu-Muslim unity in the backyard; it was definitely segregated. This is a slap in the face of the stupid liberals who are too ignorant to deny what they can clearly see with their own eyes. 

The other point also involves the Hindu daughter-in-law. As a soon to be young mother, it is her age and time to be involved in what goes on in her house even though she is living with her in-laws. However, the aging Islamic Tawayef auntie who obviously has much more makeup on than the Hindu daughter-in-law seems to be the circus master of the house. The Hindu daughter-in-law seems to have a submissive existence like a dog or a cat living in a household without much expectation or sympathy from her Jihadi in-laws.  “Yes Master,” “No Master” is what she seems to be doing with her body language and verbal cues.  The Hindu daughter-in-law is a non-entity in her own house.  This should be another slap on the woke liberal faces who refuses to see aesthetics displayed in the Ad.

Relatedly, though it is obviously vanaprastha stage for the Jihadi auntie, she is the only one who is deeply involved in the household affairs. This shows the dictatorship nature of Islam. The household shows that there is no place for the Hindu daughter-in-law to exercise any power. The Islamic in-laws are doing her a favor almost by semi-acknowledging her existence.  Also, the sheep-like attitude of the Hindu daughter-in-law can also be seen by the fact that she has no idea what the hell is happening in the house she is supposed to be part of. A big deal party is being organized in her house and she is utterly clueless about it.  The Hindu is literally in the dark.  This speaks volumes in the Ad.  Jihadi aunty does not believe in equality, let alone power sharing!

Lastly, let us talk about the loser, napunsak Muslim husband who might have been the guy caring a plate of sweets during the pathetic verbal exchange of the daughter-in-law with the mother-in-law. Or perhaps we don’t even know who the husband is because he seems to be missing in action. I suppose his work is done now that he has implanted the Jihadi seed into a Kafir woman’s womb!  Liberals probably see this as Muslims doing Hindus a favor by bringing in art and culture and sophistication to Bharat with their conquests and the fake woke feminists probably continue to bury their heads in the sand.

Finally, when the Hindu daughter-in-law makes sheepishly verbalizes that the Islamic household does not believe in anything related to her religion, beliefs, rituals, the fat, old auntie has the audacity to lecture her about some garbage related to making daughters happy. This is the most offensive part to anyone who is watching the Ad. This clearly shows pandering. The audience gets to see how a jihad the household is pretending to accommodate a pagan event by supposedly adopting secular beliefs for a few hours. Even more sad is the daughter-in-law‘s surprise and even worse, her acceptance and gratitude. The Hindu’s gratitude is like that of a sheep that was just saved from being a bali ka bakra.

Idiots and fake wokes have crawled out from under their desert rock existence to defend the SHAMEFUL Ad.  For example, shame on Shashi Tharoor for his garbage bakwas on the topic.  He is pretending to see the Ad with Jihadi, desert colored glasses.  You are not a defender of feminism by any means.  The Ad is anything but Hindu-Muslim unity.  The Ad is foreshadowing of the years to come when the civil code if implemented will only apply to Hindus and therefore Hindus will just have a bakra-type existence in a Muslim ruled Bharat.  This is the reason why the Ad is offensive. 

Tata, basically run by an influential Parsi whose ancestors escaped Jihad in Iran were given equal status in Bharat is the one eventually responsible for being co-opted by the Islamists.  Parsis might have escaped Iran but they surely have not escaped being colonized by Islam (@RNTata2000).  Portraying Hindus in a bad, submissive light in spite of Bharat’s welcoming attitude towards Parsis is the reason why this Ad is offensive. 

Instead of accepting vanaprastha and roaming the empty desserts of Arabia the old aunty depicts Muslim-way-or-the-highway Jihadi attitude towards a second-class Hindu daughter-in-law. This is not co-existence and harmony, this is shown as a favor that the Muslims are doing towards Hindus. This is why the Ad is offensive.

Wake up Hindus, or get ready to live a sheepish existence under the banner of Jihad much like the Hindu daughter-in-law from the video.  And fake, woke, liberals, go find something else you can actually fight as you clearly lost this battle. 

Pagans: 1 ::: Jihadi Liberals: 0

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