It is the outcome of routine check up in foreign country by Pappu’s Momma.

This is why pappu & antonia went to foreign. These are all planned, NGO’S foreign funding tightened, amnesty leaving, PFI’s involvement. The roots are too deep, this is what has happened in last 70 years.The speed at which UN got involved (UN is filled with Communists & Islamists. UN think are we slaves) and the smirk of the liberals at the ‘international conspiracy’ angle in the FIR clearly shows the international ‘connections’ of the riots peddlers. Cong has compromised Bharat’s interest whether in power or in opposition. They are curse on Bharat.

Here’s the URL of portal created overnight ( ) where a group is inciting v!olence across the country, using Hathras!!!

Apparently the link is connected to AMNESTY which is notoriously famous for funding anti national activities. Good that it was kicked out out of Bharat recently.

Why are Jehadis of PFI are working in tandem with Congress?

What happened during the recent foreign tour?

This country has no redemption without complete political annihilation of The Family.

Hathras background & Similar Conspiracies of the Past

This is the true story behind Hathras Case. There is a systematic attempt to insight dalits. Looks like whatever Yogiji doing is correct.
Some previous attempts by urban naxals to pit Dalit in violent confrontation with other Hindus.

?Post Khairanjali violence (Maharashtra). For first time traditional Dalit leadership was sidelined and Dalit youths brainwashed by maosits led the violence.

?Bhima Koregaon: All protests by Dalit org till date was in their stranglehold with stoning of public property.

?During Bhima Koregaon maoists under the grab of Dalit targeted completely new areas like industrial cluster, highways of Mumbai.Also they targeted colonies adjoining industrial cluster which resulted in massive backlash by locals.

?Maoists were desperately trying to start a cycle of riots between Dalits and other by targeting innocent householders.
Use of small children noticed for first time.

?Protest against repeal of SC/ST act by SC.
It didn’t get the type of response they intended. Noticeable thing was participation of hostel residing Dalit students and professors

?Maoists have succeeded in infiltrating Dalit student and educated in some way at some places.

?Even during this protests Dalit students attacked upper caste MLA house and innocent householders. They got solid thrashing for it. Again good thing was it remained localized and in control.

?Maoists hope of starting a chain reaction of violence and counter violence couldn’t succeed.

Maoists Links & repeated Failures

?Maoist are lacking in mass mobilization of Dalit in protest unlike past protest by Dalit org.

?This has happened due to pro poor policies by Modi like Jandhan, free housing, Mudra loan, free medical insurance, corruption free PDS. Reason why Modiji concentrated on this in his 1st term. If one want to dismantle ecosystem attack roots not stems. It will take time but be patient.

?Poor Dalits for first time understood that Modi’s intentions are good and have supported him. They also stayed away from protests on Dalit issues.

?Successive attempts by maoists to instigate Dalits have failed till date due to unresponsive Dalits won over by Modiji.

?Hathras is combined try by maoists, family, China, Pak. They are using some elements in Dalits to provoke upper caste by raising counter rape of UC girls.
Again it is noticed Dalits on the average is watching how the case unfolds.

?Dalits understand its once in thousand cases that people protests against arrest of accused.

Finally Leftists Exposed again

?It happens only when majority of people are convinced the truth is otherwise. Hindus have never supported rapists because he belongs to their caste.

?Every Hindu should understand the plan of maosits. They want to pitch Hindus against each other by peddling fake narrative, fake atrocity stories

?Only our patience & timely exposing them will fail them.

?Maoists and so called seculars are the biggest oppressors of Dalit, remember it.

?Valmiki people in J&K were eligible for only cleaning jobs due to Article 370.

?Those who supported Article 370, keep silence on killing of Dalit MLA in WB, attack on Dalit MLA house in Bangalore by muslims, 100’s of rape of Dalit girls by muslims are doing nautanki on Hathras. SHAME !!!

Boycott Presstitutes

Boycott all those media houses which supports riots, which divides Hindus on basis of caste, set anti-Hindu narratives in any of their news reporting.

Boycott Aaj Tak.
Boycott India Today.
Boycott ABP news.
Boycott NDTV
Support nationalist media like republic, sudarshan, kreately, opindia, postcardnews etc.

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