This is all over the news. A woman from Bengal attended the fake farmer protest at the Tikri border in Delhi – land of Mughal Arvind Kejriwal and had filed a complain about rape. The woman succumbed to Covid and has passed on. However, low life cockroaches Yogendra Yadav and Rakesh Tikait – aka fake farmers – seem to be well aware of this horrible incident and tried to cover it up.

The father of this woman had filed a complaint based on which an FIR was registered by the Police under Sections 120B, 342, 354, 365, 376D and 506. Tee father claimed that his daughter was forced on the train and in the tent at the protest site by accused Anil and Anup Singh – AAP or Aam Aadmi Party leaders.

The father of the now deceased woman claims that Yogendra Yadav, head cockroach – knew about the allegations of rape but pretty much swept up the matter under the rug.

Now, this fake farmer, activist is trying hard to distance himself from the entire ordeal.

Yadav is trying to build a narrative that the rape was an afterthought cooked up by the father of the girl and that she was only suffering from a ‘medical condition.’

Cockroach Yadav is also claiming that someone was overhearing these conversations and the whole thing is just suspicious. He is also trying to show that alleged rapists Anup and Anil are victims in this incident.

Finally, there are claims that this whole story about rape is made up to discredit the already known to be fake protests.

A case of rape has been filed against Anup Singh and Anil Singh

by the father of the woman. Let’s see if truth will come to light from this fake @$$ farmer protest fiasco. These guys are good-for-nothing super spreaders of the #ChineseVirus to say the least. Rape investigation might put 2 of them behind the bar at least. Sleazy Yadav and fatty Tikait might get away, again.

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