Let me give you the truth. In India eating cow meat or even killing a cow is banned in most states. Hindus consider cows as their god and worship them. Besides that most of India is agriculture-based economy where 70% of Indians own some land and grow crops and sell them for a living. Cows are used to plough the fields. The milk from cows are food for the family and half of it is sold, and acts as extra source of revenue. Cow dung is dried and used as both fertilizer for crops and used as bio fuel for cooking. Most such families are very poor who invest their life savings to buy a pair of cows or taken loan, which they intend to pay off with their monthly earnings. Muslims steal these cows to eat FREE beef, from stolen animals. Now imagine if you put your life savings to make initial deposit for a car, and take loan to become an uber driver and provide for your family, and then one night you see a bunch of thugs stealing your car, your only source of income, for which you have taken a loan, won’t you beat them up. They are not beaten for beef, they are beaten for stealing. Mostly they are handed over to cops, yes sometimes a crowd collects and the beating goes out of hand and they die. Sometimes. Now let me ask you something, if you are aware that some cannibal gang exists and you find that gang kidnapping your child, which mens that they will kill and eat your child, won’t you b eat them up? In US moat people have guns, if they see an intruder kidnapping your child, won’t you shoot them? Sometimes they get killed. Please be reminded that cows are not just animals for hindus, they are considered god and these muslims don’t steal the cattle to resell them, they steal to eat them as meat. For a hindu watching that happen is similar to seeing your child being kidnapped by cannibals. And these muslims do it on purpose because they know that if they get beaten up they will simply say that they were targetted for being muslims. This whole ” i was attacked for eating beef ” has become a get away card. If muslims get caught doing any crime, or some random fight happens, they will simply say that i as attacked for being a muslim or for beef. Please see data of all such cases, 95% cases are fake.

Let’s discuss the word Vigilante , “a member of a self-appointed group of citizens who undertake law enforcement in their community without legal authority, typically because the legal agencies are thought to be inadequate.”. So the need for a vigilante groups arises when a rise crimes happen and the police ,protection officers do not help or cannot combat the crime. So if Cow vigilantes exists , then it means that cow theft (for beef) from poor Hindus for whom the cow is not only scared but also the only source of income , exists in large numbers and police are not able to check the crime. SIMPLE .

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