As per Press Trust of India (PTI) report dated March 29, 2021, Congress used minorities as commodity, exploited their sentiments for vote bank politics, said Jitendra Singh, Union Minister.

The dots do connect.

Here are five :


After Partition of India in1947, Congress leadership decided to keep some Muslims in Hindustan by giving them option to migrate or not. When Jinnah said Muslims need a separate nation; Hindu and Muslims can’t live together; a new nation Pakistan was created for them. Who wanted some Muslims to stay in Hindustan, CONGRESS PARTY.


Who handed over through the Constitution of India, India, that is Bharat, to those refugees who left their homes and hearths during partition in 1947 to migrate to Hindustan, CONGRESS PARTY.


Who amended the constitution of India in 1976 to add ‘secular’ in the Constitution of India, as if India was not secular before that, CONGRESS PARTY.


Who created the National Commission for Minorities Act,1992, CONGRESS PARTY.

Minorities were identified as Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Sikhs and Zoroastrians.

But not Hindus in J&K. 1/3rd of the population of J&K, Hindus, have never been minority under the National Commission for Minorities Act of 1992.


Who added Jains to the list of minorities in 2014, CONGRESS PARTY.

The most unfortunate fact for these minorities have been while they saw CONGRESS  PARTY as their aid giver, it turned out to be AIDS.

As per English Dictionary, aid is to help, assist, or support (someone or something) in the achievement of something (for grantee). Not for the grantor.

When aid is given for the benefit of grantor, like CONGRESS PARTY did for vote bank, the aid becomes AIDS (Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome).

Give grants to these minorities to vote for CONGRESS PARTY and make them stay wherever they are and as they are. Keep going to religious schools. Why not motivate them to go to schools that are for every Indian child?

This is politics of populism, and unfortunately, it has infected opposition also. After all, to break the rein of 70 years, you may use the previous rulers’ tested and trusted designs and methods.

There are those who will fill page after page to say, after all, Vote bank politics may not be that bad as it provides bargaining power.

But it divides a nation. And that is the worst you could do to a nation and its people.

I sincerely hope the common person of India in 2021 will see these sinister designs of politicians of vote bank and divide and rule, and instead join hands and seek good quality education for all, that is the only true aid for anyone who wants to really move up the ladder.

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