Of late, many prominent ‘RW’ tweeples have begun routinely criticising the Centre and Modi ji, claiming it as their right to question him as they have voted for him. Naturally, their considerable number of followers take up the refrain.

I am not disputing their right to question, but to be logical and have a sense of proportion, especially since the Govt has been fulfilling its poll promises one by one. It only smacks of entitlement and a complete lack of understanding of how good governments work. It is not practical to deal with every issue at the same time, what with the Opposition trying to thwart every reform, development work or law that is for the betterment of the country, by organising staged ‘events’ and rioting on the streets.

(This is a continuation of my last article ‘Please Trust The Man. He is on a Mission!’ Please read)

Modi ji is also dealing with the deepest of the Deep States that has been nurtured over six decades, riddled with moles, saboteurs and spies. A Congress functionary is supposed to have boasted, ‘We have our people in every department in India and outside. You can’t even begin identifying them all, leave alone remove them!’ To uproot its intricate network will cause the system to collapse, which is why Modi ji has not done a major overhaul of the bureaucracy. It is only because of his administrative and political acumen that the government has fulfilled so many of its poll promises.

When HM Amit Shah announced the Abrogation of Article 370 on Aug 5 last year, Indians including displaced Kashmiri Pandits were euphoric.

But was it sudden? When they joined a coalition led by the separatist-supporting Mehbooba Mufti in J&K, every Modi-supporter and his chachi ridiculed BJP for being power-hungry. They did it so that they could get an insider’s view of all the murky dealings of the leading dynasties ruling the state since Independence. They got to the bottom of Isl@mist funding for separatists, the massive corruption and land grab by the said dynasties. When they had all information and evidence, they let the govt fall.

Then began the lengthy process of working on the nitty-gritty of the reorganisation of the state into two UTs, and finally came the announcement in the Parliament on Aug 5, 2019!

Likewise, in the Ram Mandir case, many urged the govt to issue an Ordinance to build the temple. When the govt didn’t comply, it was projected as being anti-Hindu and weak. Did Modi-Shah buckle under the pressure and take a misstep? Nah!

They waited for the SC verdict.  When it came, they didn’t waste any time to do the Bhoomi Pujan — all because they had followed the law. Imagine the huge rioting from Peacefuls and Leftists if they had done something in haste! Remember the anti-CAA protests and Delhi anti-Hindu riots, even after the Acts were passed in both Houses of the Parliament, due to deliberate misinformation and propaganda?

Then these ‘critics’ accuse the Centre of not taking action against media houses for their anti-national stance and parroting the lines of Pakistan and China in matters of national security.

‘Can’t they shut down NDTV for their Pathankot security breach?’

‘The I&B Ministry is in a coma,’ are some of the accusations.

Just think: If NDTV was shut down even for a day, it would get global publicity that Modi was muzzling press freedom, with NYT, BBC and WaPo running editorials and causing riots in the country. The end result would have been the revival of a dead channel! Instead, the Govt is allowing them to die a natural death.  

Recently after the #FranceTerrorAttacks, when the French President Macron cracked down on the terrorists, we saw this powerful Left-funded global media trying to set a narrative making the victim the attacker! It accused Macron of practising ‘Radical Secularism’ which had caused the attacks and not radical !slam.

Coming back to the SM ‘advisors’ and ‘voters’, they now want the Centre to enforce Art. 356 in Bengal for the killing of BJP karyakartas and in Maharashtra after the arrest of Arnab Goswami of #RepublicTV. BJP leaders of both Centre and state, including the HM, have been ridiculed for their statements condemning the state governments calling it just lip service.  

Modi ji might be called a fascist by the Left ecosystem, but it was Indira Gandhi who had been the real fascist and had dismissed no less than 50 state governments during her various terms as PM as well as muzzle the press! She also imposed the infamous Emergency in 1975, arresting all the Opposition leaders across the country.

Expecting the Centre to dismiss the state governments would be foolish in the extreme. It would be playing right into the hands of the opponents giving the Left-led mobs and ‘Peacefuls’ an excuse to riot in the streets, burn entire cities and vandalise temples.

Talking of temples, how many know that the punaruddharan of desecrated temples in Kashmir has begun in full swing?

I am sure every nationalistic Indian knows in his heart of hearts that Modi ji is the best thing that has happened to the country, particularly Hindus. Even his political and ideological opponents know what he is doing is good for the country and its citizens.

And that is why they hate him. What will happen to them if India becomes #Atmanirbhar? What will happen to their 70-year-old slogan of Garibi Hatao and their loot if people are not garib anymore?

Modi ji never falls into the traps of his opponents who try to force his hand or hurry up in matters of governance. When things take time to get done by the Centre, be assured that the work is being done perfectly, without any loose ends.

Have you ever seen anyone from the Left ecosystem diss one of ‘their’ own people, be it their leaders or even a terror suspect? And here we are, pulling down our own PM!

Trust and patience are the keys in this civilisational war. Don’t fall for the Divide-Modi-Supporters tactics of your favourite SM icons or political leaders. Each has their agenda. Stay united. Stand behind our PM and if he doesn’t come personally to repair the dilapidated temple in your neighbourhood, start a kar-seva and do it. I know of many youngsters and philanthropists who are actively engaged in this task in many states. What stops you from joining in?

Remember, in this dharmic war, we each have a role to play, small or large.

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