What is the reason behind India backing away from the strict, stern warnings to Twitter? After the hue and cry last week, the Government of India has taken a few steps back and is now almost pleading the blue bird bully to comply with Indian rules.

India fails as it doesn’t know how to deal with bullies

The napunsak give the other cheek when someone is slapping. This giving of the other cheek has rendered the Gandhian leaders incompetent. After last week’s chest thumping and giving Twitter a window of opportunity to comply with Indian rules, the images of police visiting the Indian headquarters was a complete fiasco as per social media. The GoI never learns its lessons. There should have been a narrative built up already before the team visited the offices of the blue bird bully. They let lallu-panju librandus create the fake narrative about a RAID at the Twitter India offices.

Instead of dealing with a bully like a bully, the GoI is not only handling the corporate giant with kid gloves, instead, it’s almost groveling and seeking attention instead of demanding submission and compliance.

Lessons need to be learned from Nigeria, otherwise BJP is BURNT TOAST come next elections.

The Nigerian government recently said that it has “indefinitely suspended” Twitter’s operations in the country according to the Ministry of Information and Culture.

“The Federal Government has suspended, indefinitely, the operations of the microblogging and social networking service, Twitter, in Nigeria,” The statement read.

The statement was posted on the ministry’s official Twitter handle last Friday evening and it accused the American social media company of allowing its platform to be used “for activities that are capable of undermining Nigeria’s corporate existence.”

Nigerian Information Minister Lai Mohammed also criticized Twitter’s action and accused the social media giant of “double standards.”

Lai Mohammed also questioned Twitter’s motives in Nigeria, saying, “the mission of Twitter in Nigeria is very very suspect…” at a news conference on Wednesday after Buhari’s tweet was deleted.

Twitter said in a statement that it is “deeply concerned by the blocking of Twitter in Nigeria.” Excerpts from: https://keyt.com/news/national-world/2021/06/05/nigeria-bans-twitter-after-company-deletes-president-buharis-tweet/

Similarly, Twitter in India is already on a roll to block RSS and pro-national voices. Is this acceptable to GoI??

Step up, GoI, or suffer the fate of Hindus in Kashmir and now West Bengal. You cannot blame anyone other than yourself for inaptitude.

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