15 December, 1971, when Pakistani army was marching towards India, they had established a good hold over Basanter river, Indian army was planning to establish bridgehead across the river Basanter.

The responsibility of establishing this control vested upon 47th infantry Brigade. The second Lieutenant of 47th Infantry, young officer of 21 Arun Khetarpal was ready to sacrifice for the country.

After remaining for 6 months in service, the day of 16 December 1971 came, in order to regain its hold over Basantar river, Indian army was ready with its tanks, just then the second Lieutenant Arun Khetarpal saw 14 tanks of Pakistan’s army coming from forward direction.

Arun Khetarpal successfully destroyed 5 tanks, badly injured his commanding officer ordered him to return, but Khetarpal refused, he was determined to destroy as many tanks as possible. Commanding officer again ordered him to return, to which he replied, NO, SIR, I WILL NOT ABANDON MY TANK. MY MAIN GUN IS STILL WORKING, AND I WILL GET THESE BASTARDS… saying this turned off the transmeter, so that he could not get any further orders of returning.

Arun Khetarpal successfully destroyed 2 more tanks and after that he decided to rest in peace forever. Our Indian Government declared Param Vir Chakra in his name.

Our India has become great just because it has given births to such a great sons like Arun Khetarpal. But there is one irony in it, what we Indians are doing, wasting our time in watching the series like Tandav.

Is this really what this great soul desired from its countrymen..?

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