There is a lot of fuss about Turkey and Pakistan, meaning Caliph Erdogan and Captain Imran being in bed together. As the failed Islamic Republic of Pakistan tries to find its “roots” away from India, the elites are pretending that they have Turkish ancestry in their genes. The truth about Pagan-Hindu blood flowing through their veins is giving Pakistanis indigestion. The failed republic is a colony of China, but there isn’t much they can do about claiming Chinese ancestry as they would need eye surgery and skin grafts to look like their Chinese masters.

Pakistan’s two masters – China and Turkey?

Beggar bowl Pakistan in search for a new identity and have begun to accept barbaric Turkish conquerors as their ancestors. They have realized that inbreeding and cousins marrying cousins will not get rid of their Pagan ancestry so they have begun to glorify bad Turkish soap operas and eating Turkish foods so that they can create a fake, new, existence which they can digest. Handsome Captain Imran Khan has a double duty – to please Master Xi Jinping, as well as Caliph Erdogan.

Turkey’s new Master – The Chinese Colony of Pakistan?

While Pakistanis are under the delusion of their fake Turkish ancestry, Caliph Erdogan is hoping to look up at Pakistan for MENTORSHIP regarding all religious intolerance and ways to promote terrorism. Turkey has been experiencing long-term crisis of whether they want to be a Terrorist State or a secular country. The Turkish public is not always in agreement with Caliph Erdogan but he does not seem to give a damn. The Caliph is ready to take a weak ally – the Chinese Colony of the failed republic of Pakistan to bed as they too need a shoulder to lean on as they get shunned by Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Muslim’s Loss = China’s Gain

While Turkey sucks up to Pakistan and Pakistan sucks up to Turkey, the win-win is definitely for China. In this game the loss will be Turkey’s and a bigger loss (if that is even possible) will be for Pakistan as there is nothing to be gained by partnering up with pipe dreams of the Caliph. With Turkey-Pakistani-Chinese evil nexus, Xi Jinping must be salivating at the opportunity to exert influence in the Middle East given the real or perceived vacuum created by the messed-up dynamic which currently exists. Of course nobody in the Muslim world cares about the Chinese treatment of Muslims in China or about any other Muslim refugee around the world.

Both, Turkey and Pakistan, like the rest of the Islamic world have maintained pin-drop-silence about this matter. Why? It isn’t easy to stand up to your pimp.

May all of them prevail and thereby self-destruct. Perhaps they will be reincarnated as sheep and goats bred in a barn for Eid.

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