Pakistan, which is going through a tough phase of GEOPOLITICS, has been given a rude shock by another of its past religious ‘friends’.
Earlier there was a time when Pakistan and its religious friends, to be precise, Turkey and Malaysia took an oath of countering islamophobia in the region. The then President of Malaysia Mahatir Mohammed offered full support to kashmiri separatist outfits in the UNGA, drawing strong reaction from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), which said India “completely rejects the references made in respect of Jammu and Kashmir, which is an integral and inalienable part of India.”.

But President Mahatir Mohammed, in the circle of encircling India, did not think what would be the consequences of speaking against a powerful country like India. President Mahatir used Kashmir issue to verify his religious friendship with Pakistan internationally.


The Indian government, using its diplomatic channels, slammed the madrasa imprint Mahatir Mohammad from inside Malaysia! poor Mahatir lost its power as coalition parties withdrew their support, Indian government also banned the import of palm oil from Malaysia, which was a very strict punishment for Malaysia economically.

“Well, it did because of my remarks on Kashmir. But, other than that the relationship was very good, even under my leadership,” Mahathir was quoted as saying by the WION news channel. He was asked whether the India-Malaysia relationship deteriorated during his tenure as prime minister.

He also said ,”Malaysia had considered the present Government of India, less often, as Pakistan as its friend and hence was making rhetorical statements on India!”

 Let me tell you that the air of Malaysia and Pakistan, formed on the basis of the religion of the past, is seen coming out!
Pakistan and Malaysia’s relations with the international insanity in the whole world has also started raising eyebrows.

A very big news has come out that Malaysia has seized a Boeing 777 passenger plane belonging to Pakistan’s international carrier Pakistan International Airlines ie PIA.

According to Pakistani media reports, the aircraft was leased and it has been seized by Malaysia for not paying the money.
At the time of this incident at the Kuala Lumpur Airport, the capital of Malaysia, there were passengers and crew in the plane but they were disembarked and unloaded.

A Pakistani newspaper Daily Times reported, there are a total of 12 Boeing 777 aircraft in the Pakistan International Airlines fleet.
And these aircraft have been leased from different companies from time to time.
And it is being told that the aircraft which Malaysia has seized was because of non-payment of money under the condition of the lease.

With more than $4bn in accumulated losses, PIA was already struggling financially when flights were grounded last year due to the coronavirus pandemic. After it resumed operations in May, a domestic PIA plane crash in Karachi killed 97 out of 99 people on board.

Later, PIA suspended 150 pilots after questions over the authenticity of their licences emerged.

Earlier the airline was banned from flying to the EU for six months over safety compliance concerns under a ban still in place.


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