There is never a doubt that Kapil Sibal will always be remembered for his ‘Zero Loss’ theory on Coal scam; however, there is also no doubt that he is an astute politician and at the top of that at times he has talked against the sad state of Congress. After the setback in Bihar and pathetic performance in the by-elections in Madhya Pradesh, Kapil Sibal has again hit in the central leadership of the congress. Talking with the Indian Express he said that he is yet to hear on recent polls and may be Congress leadership thinks it should be business as usual.

We must remember he was also a part of the signatories of the letter bomb that hit the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, the people in that letter had asked for the democratic election of the president of the party. Rahul Gandhi had then hit Sibal and the latter had to delete his tweet. Slowly but gradually all those who had signed the letter and requested for the democratic reforms in Congress have been sidelined. The Nehru dynasty does not tolerate democracy in the party, nor the voices that that can challenge their dictatorship and demigod worship by sycophant Congress politicians.

Congress has no Forum where leaders can express themselves

Congress, the party that often claims that it was Nehru who should be credited for the democracy in India, has no internal democracy, the joke is on it. There has been no change in the Congress president for more than two decades now as Sonia Gandhi has been undisputed queen of the party and after her it is all about Rahul Gandhi and when does he take the charge. The continuation of the presidentship despite the fact that the party has lost two Loksabha and nearly two dozen state assembly elections is astonishing.

Talking about the unavailability of any forum for dissenting voices inside the Congress party, Kapil Sibal says that since there is no forum to express his views, he is constrained to express them publicly. He is of the view that since he is a Congressman and will remain a Congressman, he hopes and prays that the Congress provides the alternative to a power structure which has subverted all the values that the nation stands for.

Lack of Internal Democracy in Congress

Though it is coming from Kapil Sibal it should make news, it has been clear like water that there is no internal democracy in Congress. Answering to the question that if the Congress leadership knows the answers, why he thinks there is a reluctance to address the issues; Kapil Sibal says that there is reluctance because the CWC is a nominated body. According to Sibal democratic processes must be adopted and embraced even in the constitution of the CWC, which is reflected in the provisions of the Congress’s constitution itself.

Kapil Sibal says that none can expect nominated members to start questioning and raise their concerns about the reasons for the constant decline of the Congress in elections after elections.

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