Remember the famous ‘divide and rule’ policy of the British during the colonial period which is still in play by their slaves in Indian political ecosystem? One of them is the DMK which was planted by British in Tamil Nadu to counter nationalist uprising and create a separate Dravida Nadu using the infamous fake Aryan-invasion theory. DMK has always been pro Christian and anti Hindi & anti Hindu for this very reason.

And the man behind this filthy politics EV Ramaswamy alias Periyar was the biggest fraud Bharat witnessed post Independence from British after MKG.

The biggest irony is, this Periyar called Tamil a barbaric language, equated the greatest compilation of human values ‘Thirukkural’ to shit and asked Britishers to rule Chennai from London post Independence. The caste net got even wider after his so called Dravidian movement. He was a stooge of Evangelists. Tamil people idolize him as father of Tamil Nadu. He was not only anti Bharat but also anti Hindi, anti Hindu and anti women.

Yes, as per him, he shunned the polytheistic Hinduism for it was filled with superstitions and developed a fondness towards monotheistic religions like Christianity and Islam. He even segregated Buddhism (which is a Dharmic sampradaya) from Hinduism as another monotheistic religion to create an anti-Hindu mindset among his followers.

Periyar had a strong hold on Tamil language due to which his influence was immense on the young generation of those difficult times wherein he exploited the caste based hateful discrimination blaming it solely on Hinduism; giving clean chit to the oppression and suppression caused by the colonial rule, and to a large extent was successful in creating anti-Hindu sentiments among his mass followers.

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Periyar was anything but Hindu-hating psycho, and our Thalaivar Rajinikant ? boldly highlighted this in the recent past ?

The following are excerpts from his articles in Kudiyarasu (his weekly, he is editor in chief) that attest the same.

?August 25, 1929 : Today, as we celebrate the birth of prophet Muhammed, I will say that he was best among all religious leaders we have ever had. He made Islam accessible to common man and a religion of peace.

?November 3, 1929: Islam is better than Hinduism. It preaches unity and peace. And it does not have idol worship.

?November 16, 1930: Though Christianity brings its own set of problems, we don’t have to be bothered too much about it. Christians have become rationalists. So, its an exercise in futile to criticize them now.

?August 2, 1931: Islam was the first religion to shun caste and class systems.

?Aug23, 1931: Buddha/Christ & prophet Muhammed were social reformers of their times. Though it generally considered that the world will become a better place only after the abolition of organised religions, if one religion can do that when its still in practice, it has to be Islam.

?February 2, 1935: Islam is the religion best suited for Tamils. Culture, life and literature of ancient Tamils show common practices with Islam and to some extent Christianity.

?January 19, 1936: It is my belief that conversion to Islam will help Indian Independence. It will also eradicate untouchability.

?May 31, 1936: If untouchability has to be uprooted, Islam is the way to go. Both Islam and Christianity preach a single God and a single caste. So, I urge all Tamil Hindus to convert to Islam.

✒️Even after his own confession in 1937 that he had no belief in any of the organised faiths, Periyar kept making contradicting statements about God throughout his life. In 1943, he wrote “Every Tamil with self-respect should shun Hinduism & convert to Islam or some other religion”

✒️In 1948, he wrote, “Christianity and Islam portray their God as one of virtues and those are the Gods we need.” In 1959, he wrote, “I do not ask you to shun God. I ask you to shun polytheism like Christians and Muslims have.”

✒️While he suggested monotheism as an alternative to the masses, he seems to have assumed the identity of an atheist.

✒️Even if he were an atheist ever, he was never hardcore and could have only been part atheist, part monotheist. And he was not anti-religion, he was anti-hindu(probably because hinduism was dominant than other religions).

Periyar’s concept of Equality and Secularism (later carried forward by DK & DMK’s) is as follows:
➡️Speak ill of Hindu Gods;
➡️Speak vulgarly about every custom in Hinduism;
➡️Garland Bhagavan Rama’s statue with chappels;
➡️Break idols of Ganesha in the middle of the road;
➡️Adorn pigs with Hindu’s sacred thread;
➡️Threaten to break and bomb Hindu temples;
➡️Ask people to convert to other religions just because those religions have single God and a single holy book which is causing whole problem today to the world;
➡️Preach selective atheism and pseudo rationalism;
➡️Kill people who try to oppose religious conversion …
and finally
? Blame BJP, Brahmins and RSS for everything bad that happens in TN, Bharat, World and the Universe. ?

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