It was a sunny day and the weather was humid and hot. I was relaxing at my counter when the boss received the call. The female on the other side, with a harsh voice, wanted my presence at her place, as there is some celebration or party over there. I am used to these types of get-togethers now because I am the one who is much desired on such occasions. In no time, I was ready and the driver was called upon to drop me at the designated place. My boon companion saw me with jealousy. Usually, we both are invited together for such functions. But today, I was called solely. My so-called companion is just opposite to me. The opposite indeed attract. She is cool while I am hot. She is dark in color whereas I am a bit fair. She usually dresses in her traditional, but I used to have a different outfit, as required, sometimes even multicolor dresses. Today, she was not going with me, and I was feeling a little confused about going alone without her. But, the order of the boss was foremost. There was no place for my feelings when it comes to duty. Hence, I proceed with the driver, who was waiting at the door eagerly, to drop me at my place. Driving through the traffic, he called that female, who has called the boss, to confirm the exact location. After getting the desired information, he proceeded more confidently towards the destination.

After reaching there, I saw that two delegates were waiting eagerly for me, at the entrance. They welcomed me and took me to the pre-decided place for the party. The gathering was on the first floor, in a small room, well lit and ventilated. I was embraced there well. Everyone was talking about me. I was on the seventh heaven after listening to their delightful compliments. Everything was going well until the lady with the Okra-like physiognomy, pointed out the missing companion of mine. All the eyes were upon me now and I was wondering why they were staring at me. After all, it was not my fault that my cool friend was not with me, because the lady, who called my boss, has not asked for my friend’s presence. And if she has told my boss about my friend’s proximity to the party, my boss would have sent her too with me. At the bottom, he trusts me. Anyway, the party went on with the discussion, between the hosts and guests, regarding the non-existence of my counterpart.

I know that everyone appreciates me for what I am. But this experience of my life changed my perspective about myself. I am nothing if I am alone. So it with all the creatures on this earth. Have someone worth spending time with. Be it opposite to your nature or appearance, or a bit different. If today, my associate were with me, I would have got more appreciation as compared to what I got actually. I was proud enough to carry on the foreign legacy in this country. But somewhere, now I feel that I am an immigrant, not an illegal one but migrated……

Dr. R.K. Panchal

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