Poet Pushyamitra Upadhyay who wrote famous poem “Suno Draupadi Shastra Utha lo”, went onto lash at Priyanka Gandhi for stealing his poem and using his poem for her dirty politics.

For carrying out the preparation of upcoming Uttar Pradesh assembly elections which is going to be held next year, Priyanka Gandhi reached Chitrakoot in Uttar Pradesh on 17th of November. In front of the crowd, she raised the slogan of “Ladki hu lad sakti hu” and then went on to recite the poem “Suno Draupadi Shatra Utha lo ab Govind na aayenge”.

Priyanka Gandhi used the poem written by poet Pushyamitra Upadhyay for her petty politics, because of which the poet of the poem “Suno Draupadi Shastra Utha lo”, lashed out at Priyanka Gandhi for stealing his poem and using it for her dirty politics. Pushyamitra Upadhyay said “Priyanka Gandhi Ji, I wrote this poem for the women of this nation not for your dirty politics. Neither do I subscribe to your ideology nor do I give you the permission to use my poem for your political purposes. What can the nation believe from the people who even doesn’t hesitate to even steal poems.”

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