Derek O’ Brien who is a rajya sabha MP from TMC presented wrong statistics regarding the covid vaccination drive going on in the country. It’s sad to see some politicians doing petty politics and spreading negativity at these crucial times when the whole country is fighting Corona Virus.

On 6th September, Derek O’Brien claimed that not even half of the population of India is being vaccinated. He wrote ” The majority of India’s population has not even received a single dose of the #COVID19 vaccine. Approximately one out of eight Indians is fully vaccinated. The rah-rah must wait”.

But his claim seems to be incorrect because India along with many countries are running a vaccination drive for the citizens who are above the age of 18 but Derek O’Brien even used the population of children and kept the total population as the base. In India 41% of the population comes below the age of 18 years and therefore they are not eligible for vaccination program. Therefore Derek O’Brien should have considered taking only the population of adults as the total population. And as Derek O’Brien claimed 40.53% of the population took single dose. So out of 59 % of the population of India ,40.53 % took the single dose which is way more than the majority mark.

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