The animosity against Pashtun for Pakistan has historical reasons. Pakistan is a motley collection of Punjabi, Baloch and Sindhi native who are well aware of two truths. Since both the truth are bitter and repulsive in nature, it is least spoken, discussed and told in public.

Yet in all the private discourse and in sub conscious realization, it pains them every moment.

1)    It was a Pashtun from Afghanistan (Ghazni) who incessantly attacked, plundered and slaughtered these three natives. After the fall of Hindu Shashi in 1020 AD, invaders like Gori , Ghazni, Lodi, Durrani  almost decimated all traces of civilization in this region. No document have been preserved about the genocide of Punjabi, Sindhi and Baloch in the region of those 400 years. The vicious truth has not outlived its memory. The retributive thought and destruction of Afghani is an ordinary pledge that every Pakistani folklore professes.

2)    The native of Pakistan – Baloch, Sindhi and Punjabi, had always suffered from an identity crisis. In centuries this chained society has been morally subjugated by its oppressor. The result is, the generation of today cannot associate itself with their Hindu ancestors, as that is too humiliating and demeaning. It also cannot associate with Afghani, as it amounts to accepting slavery as a defeated society. It is therefore they look up to Turkey, Arab even Palestine to identify itself for some ancestral license. Nothing logical connects them such as language, food habits, dress or lifestyle. This struggle for identity naturally brings them in conflict with Afgani, who despite being numerically junior command moral ownership over Pakistani native.

Given the umbilical connection with this truth, Pakistan always nursed to destroy Afgani ethically. The British were masters in the art of divide and loot. Their one of the earliest insidious designs of creating a Durand line between Pakistan and Afghanistan thereby dividing Pashtun into two unequal parts added vantage to Pakistani native. Mohammad Ali Jinnah sensed this hatred among Pakistani native very early. And he ensured that Khan Abdul Gaffer khan, a Pashtun freedom fighter remained in political isolation.

The freedom of Pakistan from British enslaved Pashtun in Pakistan. Today nearly 30 million Pashtun are living in the North West frontier and are fighting for their personal safety and cultural survival. Another 15 Million left over Pashtun in Afghanistan are at a numerically disadvantageous position against combined Tajik, Hazara and Uzbek.

The Taliban had been nurtured by Pakistan for the purpose of eradicating the Pashtun identity. Once the Pashtun tribal identity collapses, history of Pashtun enslaving Pakistani native will automatically evaporate.

The Pakistan plan is insidious. But deceit, betrayal and treachery have limited shelf-life. The emergence of Tahrike Taliban in Pakistan and their realization of this historical hatred is posing an ominous threat to Pakistan. The US has left over 6 lac Assaults rifle and war machine gun in Afghanistan and it is set to put these sinners on fire in days to come.

The ensuing civil war has begun. The Afghan despite having taken control of Kabul are divided between Baradar and Haqqani. All know who is stooge here for the Pakistani establishment. Other Pashtun tribal leaders have also realized the Pakistani treachery. This will be a period maze before full-fledged skirmish.  Medieval butchery would be revived and Balkanization of both Pakistan and Afghanistan is on card and that is sooner than later.          ​

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