Secularism is not a word of Indian dictionary. It had been coined by the West who mastered and practiced every ill and exploitative means for their unjustified and illegal gain in the past. Let the believer in Secularism should know, these western masters were the first to introduce Human slavery and commodification of human.  Poor and weak from Africa and Asia were sold in open markets in caged and chained conditions whose all photographic documentation have been preserved. Let the world examine the custodian of today’s flag bearer of morality.

Slavery and Commodification were synchronized with Cultural invasion. They coined an abusive slang Pagan to identify these exclusive and aboriginals of Africa and Latin America. And missionary religion conversions were institutionalized. Death by burning and chopping of the female Breast were the popular punishment for those who resisted this cultural & religious invasion.

Past the conversion, discrimination on color remained the state policy. Blacks were treated with contempt and with lesser mortal right for their life and dignity. Coupled with racial segregation, came an era of great colonial exploitation. It was a shameless chapter of western world who professed every deceit to plunder the wealth of Asia and Africa.

The Sickening truth finally revealed the more disgusting reality of Western thought, when the fascist massacred Millions of Jews and communist another several millions ordinary citizens.

Today, these Sinners of outrageous misdeed are whitewashing their appalling truth by coining a new world Secularism and preaching the same to India.

Imagine Indian Sanatan Society which had an immortal unblemished tradition of inclusivity and a Sanatan society which welcomed people of all faith, color and origin is accepting Secularism as state Principles. Buying this idea speaks volume of our ignorance about the tradition of our Glorious Governance system. We had 16 Mahajanapadas akin to today’s republic in Magadh day near 500 BC. We had the concept of the council of Ministers, documented tax and legal System, when Western World was a cave dweller.

The Sanatan inclusivity and Western Secularism is poles apart. While West Secularism is accidental opportunism ours is a Sanatan Tradition. While West Secularism renounces the role of religion, our inclusivity accepts the Guiding role of religion in Social life. While west Secularism is an opportunistic political experiment, ours inclusivity is a Sanatan perpetual practice.

Sanatan religion is a way of life.

To be precise, Western idea of Secularism is a new intrusive divisive instrument of colonialism. It upheld the practice of appeasement over cultural coexistence. The West after loss of its face post Slavery, Apartheid and colonialism has put forward a tool of divisive appeasement eclipsing cultural nationalism.

Despite being decorated with a glorious history of administrative and cultural existence, India fell prey to the preaching of few self-hating English educated Indian Brown Slaves, who smuggled word Secularism to Present Indian system of Governance.

Article 30 has offered legality to promote discriminatory religious practice. Hindu in India cannot teach Gita and Ramayan in School but Muslim and Christian can do so with Bible and Quran. Hindu cannot manage its religious place but Muslim and Christians can managed their religious places. Temple income is state revenue and Temple assets are State Property, but not applicable for Church and Mosque. Hindu Temples should pay Tax but not the others.  The Temples those have been culturally plundered, defaced and desecrated cannot be taken back into Hindu fold. The places of Worship act 1991 legislated such illegal and abusive provision of law.

Indian Secularism is farce and divisive. It promotes appeasement. It desecrates the cultural Identity of Nation. The ignorant Hindu have been deceived by its leadership. The Constitution has been adulterated. Judiciary have been helpless and powerless. Bureaucrats are prisoners of their individual aspiration. Journalism is sold for a few dollars.

Country and Hindu Society would pay for the Sin of today`s indifference. If not this generation then the Posterity.

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