Why does ⁻1 × -1 = ⁺1
How can 0⁰ = 1 when 0¹ = 0?

No more Abstract laws & rules! HOW?Aryabhata, Bhaskara & Brahmagupta
Make Learning maths fun fast & Free!

These and other mysteries will be child’s play according to historian and mathematics researcher Jonathan J. Crabtree. The key will be for the new Ministry of Education (MoE) to implement a truly National or Bhāratīya Maths Curricula.

Namaskar Sri Narendra Modi ji,  

I humbly request your help so I might be of service to India. My goal is to help you deliver change in maths education that will forever transform both India’s nationalist spirit and economy. My official letter gifting Bharatiya Maths (Podometic) to you and another letter of introduction to Dr Krishna Gopal ji are attached further below.  


Based on detailed analysis, my research concludes five Sanskrit ślokas containing 18 laws of maths from Brahmagupta’s Brāhmasphuṭasiddhānta are worth more than the entire elementary mathematics education literature of the British Empire. Many mysteries such as why –1 × –1 = +1 and why 00 = 1 when 01 = 0 can now be explained without laws in ways Āryabhaṭa, Bhāskara and Brahmagupta might have wished Bharat’s descendants to be taught. 

If India’s children were taught GANITA (maths) and BIJA-GANITA (algebra) in primary classes, they could barrack for the Indian team instead of the English team. With pride comes a competitive spirit and as cricket shows, a desire to perform and be a winner! 


2000 years ago India led the world in maths and had the world’s largest share of GDP!

However, Bharat’s original zero concept never made it to the modern world. (Refer to the video at the bottom of this page.) 

Mathematics is the foundation upon which progress in Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine are built. The better a nation’s maths the better its economy and ability to defend itself. 

Free PowerPoint slideshows, videos, papers and more await you at www.podometic.in

A study* stated: 

  • Maths scores were found to have the largest impact on economic growth 
  • A 1% increase in PISA scores is estimated to lead to an increase in GDP growth of around 0.3%.  

India ranked 73rd out of 74 countries in the latest PISA maths survey. With a revised maths curriculum, I expect India’s PISA score to rise at least 20% over the next decade, which is the equivalent of a 6% boost to GDP.  

Yours sincerely

Jonathan J. Crabtree

Founder Podometic
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Jonathan J. Crabtree

*  The Economic Impact of Improving Schooling Quality, Deloitte Access Economics for the Australian Government Department of Education 2016 

Video Presentation made for Narendra Modi given in New Delhi by Jonathan J. Crabtree
Podometic is Built via Brahmagupta’s 18 Laws of Math to be Consistent with Laws of Physics
Have you ever seen something like this? Why not? It’s Indian Maths!

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