There is a famous saying “History is written by winners”. and that is true no matter the country. A large part of well documented Indian history is of the Delhi Sultanate, Mughal Empire and Colonial Era. But textbooks nowadays either over-praise the regional leaders and glorify the local rulers of their geographic region, or marginalize them to a great extent.

The sanctity of India has been attacked by Muslims again and again. Nalanda University in northern India attracted scholars from all over Asia, surviving for hundreds of years before being destroyed by invaders in 1193. The most destructive attack came when ancient Nalanda University was destroyed by Muslim army led by Turkish leader Bakhtiyar Khilji in 1193. It is believed that Buddhism as major religion in India had setback for hundreds of years due to loss of religious texts during the attack. And, since then, the Nalanda University has not been restored until the recent developments.

The leftists, Marxists lobby manipulative our textbooks history to a great extent and that the truth can never come out. Adequate amount of damages to Indian history has been done by the Left-wing and Nehru-centric Historian like Romila Thapar, Ramachandra Guha and others. They peddled lie and call it history. They always tried to disparage and demean Hindus and denigrate their beliefs and deities. If we talk about present scenario, it seems, the definition and meaning of intellectual is changed as a person one who criticizes BJP & RSS, one who criticizes Hindu and Hinduism is called intellectual.  An international conspiracy of pushing and building narratives on painting Hindus as terrorists, Hinduism as evil, and defaming and side-lining India seems to be the prime goal. Congress used the term ‘Hindu terror’ OR Saffron terror, it labelled the peace-loving Hindus as terrorists, is there a single incident of Hindu terrorism? It is excruciating to see when our youth gets influenced by such words that they start questioning our very own Dharma and Sanatan Dharam and their teachings. 26/11 mastermind Abu Jundal had revealed that Terrorists were given IDs with Hindu names like Sameer Chaudhury and the plan would’ve succeeded had all the terrorists been killed. So, if Ajmal Kasab had not been caught alive by Tukaram Omble, then 26/11 would’ve been called Hindu Terror. The left lobby either never bothered to go in deep to study about our history or knows everything well but are party and ideology blind. As a concerned Indian citizen and a concerned Hindu, I find it enormously upsetting to witness the deep appeasement, vote banks, astounding control by radical extremist antinational groups abusing equality and humanity.

You don’t see Hindu terrorists blowing up airplanes or buildings or churches, Do you? You don’t see Hindus go around rioting or destroying neighborhoods. No, we don’t have that reputation, neither it is in our DNA and teachings.  No Hindu ever went to any country to conquer that foreign land, impose superiority of Hinduism on other, nor killed anyone in the name of religion. It is because the Hindu ecosystem is built around the principle of ‘Dharma’. As the nname ‘Sanatan Dharam’ itself denotes, Hinduism is nothing but an enunciation of the eternal principles of dharma, which are understood as governing the life of entire universe and all the beings who inhabit in it. Therefore, a Hindu practitioner continuously tries to align their life to these eternal principles so as to attain fulfilment and happiness in their own lives and establish harmony and order in the larger society.  We believe in ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ and that makes us unique.

All left-wing and Nehru-centric historians have prejudiced that Hindu scriptures are irrational and merely a work of speculation. But this is not true. They are ignorant and their hatred towards Hindu Scriptures are gut-wrenching and that they started to hate the language Sanskrit. The Government or so-called intellectuals never took any step to nourish Sanskrit in post independent India which is now on the verge of extinction. But the truth is entirely different. Many complicated phenomena of science were already written in Hindu Scriptures well before the modern science revealed it. ‘Big Bang Theory‘ is already written in Manu Smriti, the most controversial book post-independence. Similarly, one of the most complex phenomenon of relativity theory is written in Vedas and Puranas. Mass Enegy Equivalence of relativity theory is written in Rigveda and Yajurveda. Another concept of Time Dilation is found in Bhagvat Purana. Solar system was proposed in many Hindu scriptures such as Vishnu Purana, Matsya Purana; well before Copernicus. These are few examples only. Hindu Scriptures are rich with a vast scientific phenomenon. Intense research required on the subject to explore it.

All Hindu scriptures are written in Sanskrit and unfortunately, nowadays, it is no more a language of common people, which is a problem. Sanskrit is on the verge of extinction, almost died. Furthermore, the irony is, the persons equipped with scientific knowledge claim themselves to be an atheist. Being an atheist, he does not have any interest in religious scriptures. Without examining the books, how one can criticize it? History of many monuments are written wrong purposefully by Nehru-centric historian.  Remember P.N  Oak? Who claimed that Taj Mahal was not built by Emperor Shahjahan and was a temple once. He raised a few rational questions regarding the monument and its founder. Moreover, he established very logically, and step by step, it was a Shiva Temple. When you downloaded the picture of the Taj Mahal, you will see one vase with a mango leaf and coconut on the top. Islam does not believe in any such rituals but in Hinduism, it is a common practice to put a vase with mango leaf and coconut in front of a deity. It is certainly a dubious condition, why a vase with leaf and coconut over top of the monument would be placed by a Muslim emperor? Similarly, Mr. M. S. Bhatnagar studied and revealed that Qutub Minar was not built by Qutubuddin Aibak and earlier it was known as Vishnu Stambh or Dhruv Stambha, used by Varah Mihir, an astrologer in Vikramaditya Empire, for his astrological calculations. But his ideas were also ignored by the Archaeological Survey of India like Mr. P. N. Oak.

I think intense and unbiased research needs to be done in the field of history.  And, we Hindus need to speak up in one voice. Our ancestors had no voice and no rights. But we do. We live in a democracy. We can demand our dignity. We want justice!

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