Environmentalist say – yes, if Glaciers continue to melt at the present rate and carbon emission is not controlled within a permissible range.

The West is too occupied by its sense of racial superiority and advancement of technology. Development at the cost of rapid destruction of natural resources has never worried them. All forms of debate and discussion in the seminar on the subject of environment protection remained an eye wash. China which has recently trapped Bangladesh is emerging as a senior partner to the west in ensuring willful destruction of the environment.

India which has been quite vocal and alert on such issues has found limited support. Bangladesh which could have ideally partnered India in raising its voice against their impending danger, too did not do so.

India has sacrificed its Armed forces blood to ensure Bangladesh attains freedom from the tyrannical rule of Pakistan. Pakistan is estimated to have killed nearly 3 million Bengali Muslims & Hindu and raped over 400,000 women in 1971. But the Islamic bigotry has returned the Bangladesh to Pakistan mindset. It`s priority today is Cattle Smuggling, Counterfeit currency smuggling and providing safe hideouts to Jihadi element against India.

Bangladesh rests in the lower catchment of Both River Ganga and Brahmaputra.  It was originally a marshy land which gradually in course of time solidified for human habitation with the help of vegetation and plants. So, its vulnerability to annual flooding is obvious. But the threat to Bangladeshi Society is dangerously emerging from the rising sea. Melting glaciers, growing content of carbon and rising temperature of planet earth may see gradual rise in sea level. Cities along the bank of Sea- and low-level catchment would find a greater deal of salinity in soil. This has already started happening. This will result in decline in Agri productivity, poor crop and imminent food insecurity. The nation which has nearly 16 cr Population is already struggling with poverty and half food.

World is too occupied with its own needs and priorities. Who cares for Bangladesh, especially when Bangladesh itself does not care?  Experts are of the opinion that by 2050, Larger part of Bangladesh and the entire Maldives the two nations in the vicinity of Bharat would submerge into the Ocean. Experts are of the opinion that Bangladesh may lose 40–70 % of the land area to flooding and rising Sea levels in the next 70- years. The first immediate loss of 25% of land may well happen within the next 30 years.

It would be one of the worst disasters recorded in human history then.

Tracing the past, both Bangladesh and Maldives were followers of Sanatan faith. Buddhist Monastery and disciplined life flourished for centuries. The two nations need to re-learn Discipline to wade through the sinking sea and learn to survive.

The great Sage Valmiki has spoken in Ramayan- Inevitability of Destiny is certain yet effort to address the adversity should be must.

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