Makar Sankranti – Why it shifted to January 15?

Zooming into 2023, Sankranti’s precise time was 9:35 PM on January 14th. The sun set, making January 15th the auspicious day for Makar Sankranti. During 2024, the auspicious time for Sankranti lies between 7:35 am and 5:46 pm. From 2008 to 2080, the cosmic spotlight shines on January 15th for Makar Sankranti. Post-2081, a celestial shift moves it to January 16th. Yet, some might adhere to the January 15th celebration for a few additional years.

Pran Pratishta – How Hindus can give lifeline to Modi Ji

As chāNakya says, a rājā gets 1/6th share of all punya done by his subjects who can do punya because raja is doing his job of maintaining dharma.  Modi Ji is rightly invoking jantā-janārdana here. If he is able to be fully pratishthita in this vishwarūpa of janārdana, while being there doing what he will be doing, he will be channelling the punya of crores of Hindus to “jump-start” the consecration.  Now Hindu janta must do the needful and support Modi Ji in this deed. Already many have threatened to invoke many ugradèvatā against him and other Hindu leaders and organisations. It is the āshirvāda and prayers of ordinary jantā-janārdana that will protect him!