Written by: @Kal_Chiron

Astrologically, speaking the 2024 elections will NOT be easy for BJP. Many seen/unseen forces are working against Sri Narendra Modi۔ Additionally, the upāsanā required for prāNa-pratishTHā is huge. One has to spend one’s own life force to ignite the prana in dévatā that is being consecrated. In other words, Sri Modi is putting al of his life force into the devata, and as an end result, the devata will be tremendously powerful.  A lot of upāsanā by crores of Hindus over decades and centuries will be given/offered (Aprpan) to that deity. This demand leads to lot of punya-kshaya of the yajamana, which has to be done according to a very particular procedure.  If this is not done correctly, unwanted forces “may” possess the premises or vigraha.  Thankfully, the chances for this to happen are less because the priests involved are technically competent.  Post this high energy Pran Pratishta, crores of devotees will be offering their sadhana to Sri Rama. According to the understanding of this writer, the actual yajamana who touches the vigraha of dévatā to “jump start” the residence of dévatā in vigraha will be required to spend lot of his own punya.  This writer prays that Modi Ji does not spend lot of punya here by going there unprepared, as this will drain the life force out of him if he is not prepared.  However, if he is nearing completion of this birth of his –  it is the perfect opportunity to move towards moksha or very good gati.  This act will be akin to sharabhanga or Shabari – where the person spends all their energy so that Ram is activated for the kalyana of all Hindus, but that person passes on thereafter. It is for this reason this writer is glad that Modi Ji is beginning the anushTHāna today. All Hindus must help him in their own capacity۔  Modi Ji is the chosen instrument of Jagadamba. If instrument has served its purpose for Mahadevi, then she will drop it to find another suitable instrument for the times that are incoming. This writer has witnessed too many such shocks in history where things slipped when we had almost overcome.  As chāNakya says, a rājā gets 1/6th share of all punya done by his subjects who can do punya because raja is doing his job of maintaining dharma.  Modi Ji is rightly invoking jantā-janārdana here. If he is able to be fully pratishthita in this vishwarūpa of janārdana, while being there doing what he will be doing, he will be channelling the punya of crores of Hindus to “jump-start” the consecration.  Now Hindu janta must do the needful and support Modi Ji in this deed. Already many have threatened to invoke many ugradèvatā against him and other Hindu leaders and organisations. It is the āshirvāda and prayers of ordinary jantā-janārdana that will protect him!  For whatever it is worth, the deity that is going to be consecrated in the achala vigraha of Shri Rāma is going to be a mightily powerful one!!

So what can Hindus do? We must chant rāmarakshā stotra or some other stotra once a day for next 11 days and dedicate the fruit of chanting of that stotra to rāma who is going to be consecrated in the vigraha there AND to buttress the ādhidaivika protection of Sri Narendra Modi and others.


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