Sagarika Ghose’s mad rants and vile hatred for the BJP, RSS; Yogi Adiyanath, Narendra Modi and Amit Shah in particular is no secret.

Her journalistic career is a complete sham and a vehicle for spreading lies, hatred against Hindus. She has not done a single decent story as a journalist, which she claims she is, all her life. She owed her employment as a journalist to her father, Bhaskar Ghose’s closeness to the Nehru dynasty. When her father Bhaskar Ghose was the head of Prasar Bharti he gave out of the way leg ups, promoted NDTV by sanctioning their World This Week programmes in the Doordarshan.

Senior journalist and editor Ashok Shrivastav has accused NDTV of stealing Doordarshan equipment aided by Bhaskar Ghose which helped NDTV position itself as a national media in the country. He also alleged that NDTV was supported by thenĀ Congress government.

Editor Ashok Shrivatsav alleged that Bhaskar Ghose being at the helm of affairs in Doordarshan then aided NDTV to steal Doordarshan tapes and equipment to generate revenue. They stole equipment of Doordarshan in 1998 for which CBI filed an FIR against New Delhi Television (NDTV) Managing Director, Pronnay Roy for causing Rs 5 crore loss to Doordarshan.

There was also an enquiry on this matter in the Public Accounts Committee of the Parliament against NDTV on this matter with scathing remarks by Dr Murli Manohar Joshi on this matter at that time.

Bhaskar Ghose promoted NDTV causing huge loss to Doordarshan as his son-in-law, Rajdeep Sardesai was employed with Pronnay Roy’s NDTV.

Rajdeep Sardesai was caught spreading fake news on farmer protestor Navreet Singh’s death case on 26 January during the mayhem in Delhi by Khalistani goons and rowdies sieging the Red Fort tearing apart the Indian Tri-colour and hoisting the Khalistani flags.

While Khalistanis attacked and injured 400 policemen and women seriously by swords and beating them up with huge bamboo sticks, Rajdeep Sardesai was busy spreading fake news on air in India Today news channel and on twitter, about Navreet Singh death by falsely claiming he died due to police firing.

This bluff of Rajdeep Sardesai was called out by Delhi Police as the incident of Navreet’s death was recorded in CCTV videos where Navreet is seen driving the tractor in break neck speed and crashing into the police barricades in order to break it. The tractor overturned due to reckless speed and lack of control, resulting in Navreet’s death.

As the situation was very tense in Delhi, any lie spread by the media would incite mass scale riots, perhaps that was and is the plan of these pathological liers with depraved mentality as Rajdeep made similar provocations during the Gujarat riots in 2002.

It is understandable that brainless nonsensical ranters like Sagarika Ghoses would not have had a career but for the Nehru dynasty bestowing public money largess on these characters and gave them prominence to be their personal scribes masquerading as independent journalists.

Cases of Sedition was filed by the Uttar Pradesh Police against Rajdeep Sardesai, Shashi Tharoor, Caravan Magazine and others for peddling these lies. Further cases have been filed against The Wire, another communist rag web portal, headed by Siddharth Vardarajan, a US national, for repeatedly publishing fabricated lies using the shoulder’s of Navreet’s relatives’ wild claims.

It is quite possible that Navreet’s relatives have been tutored by these nafarious elements of the media to tell blatant lies by promising them some monetary compensations as it was done by Teesta Setalvad and Company in the aftermath of the Gujarat riots in 2002.

Sagarika Ghose semi-employed Sagarika Ghose now peddles the same lies about Navreet’s death by a he said – she said technique. The UP police and Delhi Police should book her for spreading canards and now dragging some non-descript experts in the UK claiming that the purported video of Navreet’s body shows bullet wounds and not cuts due to accidental overturning of the tractor.

These cottage industries of liars with their activists friends who make money by collecting donations in the name of people dying in riots created by them, only to siphon it off later for personal pleasure needs to be dealt with strictly.

Below are the tweets posted by Sagarika Ghose peddling the same lies on Navreet’s death, which was an accident of his own making.

Sagarika Ghose slavish love for Nehru Dynasty is so blind that she even justifies Indira Gandhi as the best ever Prime Minister despite imposing the draconian Emergency, mass murder of innocent protesting sadhus who sought law against cow slaughter which she had promised during elections to the Sadhu Samaj in return for their support in elections in 1968.

In addition to this Sagarika Ghose can be seen in a video claiming the deadly terrorist Burhan Wani by the Indian Army was a extr-judicial killing and making out the terrorist who had killed in Kashmir as a chocolate boy hero in 2016.

Sagarika also with her jihadi terror supporting friends claimed the 8 SIMI terrorists who broke the jail by brutally killing many policemen in Madhya Pradesh as innocent activists when these absconding deadly terrorists were gunned down in an encounter a few hours later by the police with the aid of local villagers.

Sagarika also justifies every ghaslty murder committed by the jihadis, be it the case of brutal murder of innocent Gaurakshak Prashanth Poojary as according to her cow is food and Islamists have a right to butcher it and Prashanth was being an obstructionist in their holy job of killing cows for food!

Sagarika tried shamelessly to justify brutal murders of Kamlesh Tiwari and the Charlie Hebdon cartoonists in Paris by saying they were very provocative and it is natural that it evokes violence.

Sagarika then has a penchant for playing the victim card when her lies are busted by netizens by claiming people don’t like beautiful and intelligent women! Since we are more keen on exposing her evil mentality, we have just put up her picture for readers to decide about her claims to be a ravishing beauty! As far as her intelligence goes, she is as intelligent as her political boss Rahul Gandhi, with her shrill, highly agitated incoherent ramble only Pappus on weed can find her intelligent!

The government needs to tackle these terror and riot peddlers under the garb of media and freedom of press whose intent is clearly to break the nation to smithereens since their political bosses are no longer in power. If the government is not able to tackle this menace of anarchy and mob rule under the garb of protests for the past 1.5 years, development and meaningful governance would become impossible.

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