We all saw the recent #loveJihad controversy in Kashmir where apparently a Sikh girl had converted and married a Muslim man .

As expected ALL hell broke lose. The same Sikh leaders and Sikh wannabee leaders who used to mock Hindus for highlighting this issue and wanted a law , started singing the same tune.Many version came out about the age , consent , mental stability of the (which actually exposed the mental unstability of all ) etc. Sikhs blamed Muslims, Muslims defended and everyone, as expected, balmed Hindus, RSS, Modi , BJP . 🙂 🙂

War of words and ideologies broke out between Sikhs and Msulims . Muslims and most Sikh leaders saw this incident as an opportunity to blame RSS , Hindus, BJP , Modi ( as always ) .



It even exposed the secret “i help your fake protest , you help mine” partnership between the two.




Feminist came in the middle and were shown their aukaat by the secular , liberal , woke anti Sanghi Sikhs and Muslims.

https://www.opindia.com/2021/06/sikh-girl-conversion-not-isolated-incident-but-regular-occurence-says-analyst-ramnik-singh-mann/?relatedposts_hit=1&relatedposts_origin=516743&relatedposts_position=0In the end , the girl was married off to a Sikh man and left the country in no time.

In the end, all became well , Mr. Sarna apologized to Muslims and Muslims and Sikhs became pals again and got back to abusing and blaming Sanghis (who BTW had a field day with popcorns viewing the (opportunistic) DOSTI crumble) . The family of the girl moved from Muslim land to Sanghi weak Hindu land as they feared for their lives.

But it made me realize the VERY hypocricy and fake bravado of Sikhs(read Khalistanis).


I am sure everyone and ANYONE is aware of the mass conversion of Sikhs into Christianity that is happening in Punjab.


This has been happening in the open since decades and Lakhs of Sikhs , both men and women have converted en masse.

In fact , it was RSS, the very Sanghis that these Muslim loving Khalistanis abuse that have been working to bring Sikhs back to Sikhism (not Hinduism , the religion of their ancestors) .

Somehow all Sikh groups ,Political Parties, leaders, Ranters , self proclaimed guardians who were banging chest and crying hoarse over 1 Sikh women converting and marry9ing a Muslim , somehow NEVER take any action against this conversion factpry , running overtime in Punjab . The same proud Sikhs , who were exposing their 654564 inch and watermelon sized balls to get their Sikh daughter back to Sikh faith , somehow shrink to invisibility w.r.t to this very obvious burning issue . Wher is the Sikh pride, Brave Sikhs ,Super brave Khalistanis who always threaten to take away Punjab and create Khalistan . Can’t save Sikhs from Evangelicals and give empty threats to create a different country . WOW . Abuse mock RSS, Hindus all day but no balls to take on Evangelicals who are converting your Sikhs to Christianity . As they say in Hindi, Machchar maarne ki aukaat nahi , chale sher ka shikaar karne.


#Fake Farmer Protest with posters of Bhindranwale and AC tent , dance , pizza parlor, Massage parlor to cry hoarse over Farmers Law and shout slogans about Modi but no voice to take on conversion on Punjab .

Some Sikh man was saying that Sikhs saves Hindu women . Okay great. Much appreciated. Now go save Sikhs form Evangelicals.

or the Drug Menace ? We are all aware how 80% of Punjab Youth is addicted to drugs . Tackle that . Save your new generation .

This Is How Drug Addiction Is Affecting Entire Families In Punjab
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Save your children , not from RSS , Hindus , BJP or Modi , from Drugs , conversion .

Punjab sinking in Pak drugs worth Rs 7,500 crore per year: AIIMS | India  News - Times of India
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Punjab government is now officially ordering psychiatrists to reveal  confidential info on drug patients

Tackle the real problems and not the imaginary , created ones. The fake protests and drama backed by Political parties and funded by China via Pakistan.

Punjab's frightening drug menace and 10 years of Badals' regime - Janta Ka  Reporter 2.0

Show your balls where it matters and is much needed.

Drugs/ Narcotics: India - Indpaedia

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